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Language and Articulation Development in Young Children: 8 months - 8 years

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

8 - 12 months   follows simple commands; says first word; plays with sound  
12 - 18 months   uses a variety of one-word utterances; uses "yes" and "no"; points to toys, people, clothing  
18 months to 2 years   uses a variety of two-word utterances; complies with simple spoken commands; identifies body parts  
2 years   200 - 300 word receptive vocabulary; names everyday objects; uses short sentences; some prepositions and some morphology markers  
3 years   3 4 word utterances; simple sentence structure (S-V or S-V-O ); follows two-step commands  
4 years   continued vocabulary; growth and increase sentence complexity; increased skill at asking questions; retells stories accurately  
5 years   continued vocabulary growth; follows three-step command; has 90% grammar acquisition  
3 years - phoneme inventory   vowel sounds, p, m, n, wh  
4 years- phoneme inventory   b, d, k, g, f, j  
5 years - phoneme inventory   y, ng, d  
6 years - phoneme inventory   t, r, l, sh, ch, & blends  
7 years - phoneme inventory   v, th, s, z, & blends  
8 years - phoneme inventory   th (voiced) & blends  


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Created by: sullivancl on 2009-11-13

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