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A brief studystack for Color Quiz

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

What are the three primary colors?   Red Yellow Blue  
WWhat is the CMYK color space used for?   Full color printing  
Where do you find a pixel?   In an image on a screen  
Describe saturation or intensity.   A property of color that is the amount of color.  
What are monocromatic colors?   Colors of the same hue with different tints and shades.  
Which color space has a larger gamut RGB or CMYK?   RGB  
What is a spot color?   A single ink color on the press.  
Does everyone see color the same?   NO  
Who is responsible for the theory of color?   Sir Isaac Newton  
Where do I find complementary colors on the color wheel?   Across from each other  
Do colors surrounding a color affect our perception of that color?   YES  
Define Color.   Perception of a frequency of light.  
What is a color Gamut?   The range of color that you can produce.  
List two psychological factors that affect the color that we use.   Culture, audience, character and personality of a client, designers preferences, current color trends.  
What happens when I adjust the transparency of a color?   Affects the opacity and what is underneath shows thru.  
What does PMS stand for?   Pantone Matching System  
Where do I find analogous colors on the color wheel?   Next to each other.  
Why are more men colorblind?   x chromosome, men only have x so they are more likely to be colorblind. 5% of Men and 1/2% of women  
What is the HUE of a color?   1 of 3 properties of color, It is the actual color  
What are the 3 properties of color?   HUE- actual color, SATURATION- amount of color, VALUE-lightness/darkness  
What is RGB color space used for?   Web Design, screen design including computer and TV screens, scanning digital photography  
What are the secondary colors on the color wheel?   GREEN, ORANGE,PURPLE  
What is the color gamut of a device?   The range of colors that a device can capture or reproduce.  
What is Value?   A property of color-lightness and darkness of a color.  
What is color management?   Calibration and profiling equiptment that enables consistant color between devices like the monitor, scanner, and printer.  
What is a color gamut?   A range of colors.  
What did the Bauhaus have to do with color?   First to teach color principles and use the color wheel for design.  
List 2 enviormental things that effect how we see color?   LIGHT and the color of surrounding objects.  


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Created by: Rob Baker on 2009-10-16

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