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Cov-Doug Presidents

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

The First U.S. President   George Washington  
Wrote the Declaration of Independence   Thomas Jefferson  
President who gave the Emancipation Proclamation, assassinated in a theater   Abraham Lincoln  
President assassinated in Dallas, Texas, in a parade   John F. Kennedy  
Son of the Second U.S. President who became a U.S. President himself   John Quincy Adams  
Succeeded Lincoln, one of the first presidents to be impeached   Andrew Johnson  
Oldest U.S. President elected to office   Ronald Reagan  
Largest U.S. President elected to office   William Howard Taft  
President who was in office for the longest period of time   Franklin D. Roosevelt  
First President to resign from office   Richard Nixon  
Succeeded Kennedy   Lyndon B. Johnson  
Played a big part in writing the Constitution, the Fourth President   James Madison  
Only President elected to two nonconsecutive terms   Grover Cleveland  
Youngest Person to become President   Theodore Roosevelt  
Youngest Person to be elected President   John F. Kennedy  
Current U.S. President   Barack Obama  
Latest President to be impeached   Bill Clinton  
Second Son of a U.S. President to be elected to office   George W. Bush  
Who served the shortest time in office   William Henry Harrison  
U.S. Presidents who died on the Fourth of July   John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Monroe  
President who received the greatest number of electoral votes   Ronald Reagan  
Succeeded Richard Nixon   Gerald Ford  
Second U.S. President   John Adams  
President in term during most of the civil war   Abraham Lincoln  
In term most of World War II   Franklin D. Roosevelt  


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Created by: Coltan 66 on 2009-09-24

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