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AP Chemistry Polyatomic Ions

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Ammonium   NH4   +1  
Nitrite   NO2   -1  
Bicarbonate   HCO3   -1  
Bisulfate   HSO4   -1  
Bisulfite   HSO3   -1  
Permanganate   MnO4   -1  
Hypochlorite   ClO   -1  
Chlorite   ClO2   -1  
Chlorate   ClO3   -1  
Perchlorate   ClO4   -1  
Acetate   C2H3O2   -1  
Hydroxide   OH   -1  
Cyanide   CN   -1  
Thiocyanate   SCN   -1  
Formate   HCOO   -1  
Sulfite   SO3   -2  
Sulfate   SO4   -2  
Oxalate   C2O4   -2  
Chromate   CrO4   -2  
Dichromate   Cr2O7   -2  
Peroxide   O2   -2  
Carbonate   CO3   -2  
Thiosulfate   S2O3   -2  
Thiosulfite   S2O2   -2  
Phosphate   PO4   -3  
Phosphite   PO3   -3  
Nitrate   NO3   -1  


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