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Hackers Vocab.08

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

acquaintance   associate, companion" 친구  
acquire   secure, gain, earn" 얻다  
affection   attachment, amity, love" 애정  
agree   assent, accede, concede" 동의하다  
alert   attentive, vigilant, wary" 경계하는  
alliance   association, coalition, union" 동맹  
amplify   enlarge, expand, magnify" 늘리다  
ardor   eagerness, zeal, passion" 열정  
ascribe   attribute, impute, refer" ~의 탓으로 돌리다  
authorize   empower 권한을 부여하다  
authorize   allow, permit" 허락하다  
collect   assemble, amass, aggregate" 모으다  
compensate   atone, offset" 보상하다  
confirm   assure, verify" 확신하다  
effective   efficacious, efficient, effectual" 효과적인  
embarrass   confuse, perplex" 당황하게 하다  
empower   authorize, warrant, permit, enable" 자격을 주다  
gathering   assembly, convocation, congregation" 모임  
gracious   benign, courteous, polite" 상냥한  
greedy   avaricious, desirous, covetous" 욕심 많은  
increase   augment, enlarge, escalate" 늘리다  
loom   emerge, appear, take shape" 어렴풋이 나타나다  
painstaking   assiduous, diligent" 근면한  
passionate   zealous, enthusiastic, earnest" 열정적인  
perplex   confuse, puzzle" 당혹케 하다  
pleasing   attractive, agreeable" 마음에 드는  
primary   fundamental, elementary, basic" 근본적인  
proper   fit, suitable, adapted" 적당한  
retaliate   avenge, revenge" 복수하다  
serve   suit, suffice, answer" 도움이 되다  
shrewd   astute, keen, acute, clever" 예리한  
soften   soothe, alleviate, ease" 완화하다  
stand   endure, bear, tolerate" 참다  
strive   try, endeavor, struggle" 노력하다  
supply   furnish, provide, replenish" 공급하다  
suppose   assume, presume" 가정하다  
surprise   amaze, astound, startle, astonish" 놀라게 하다  
treat   serve, handle, deal(with)  
undertake   assume 떠맡다  
zenith   apex, peak, tip" 정점  


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Created by: msyang98