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network ccent test

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Commands to configure RIP routing?   router rip network (NOT, as classful)  
Command to show routing table?   show ip route  
Command to show realtime RIP routing updates?   debug ip rip  
Command to create a static route for network to   ip route destNetwork-IP dest-subnetMask nextHop-IP (ip route  
Command to set default route to network, in 3 ways?   ip route ip route s1 ip default-network ip classless (at the end of each)  
Command always required to set default route?   ip classless  
Commands to stop sending routing info from s0/0?   router rip network passive-interface serial 0/0  
What prevents routing loops with flapping interfaces?   Holddown timers  
What prevents routing loops by not sending info out from the same interface the info came from?   Split horizon  
What prevents routing loops by sending max hop count 16 when a link fails?   Route poisoning  
What is AD of connected interface?   0  
What is AD of static route?   1  
What is AD of EIGRP?   90  
What is AD of IGRP?   100  
What is AD of OSPF?   110  
What is AD for IS-IS?   115  
What is AD for RIP?   120  
What is AD for External EIGRP?   170  
What is AD for unknown?   255  
Commands to configure RIPv2?   router rip network version 2  
What is max hop counts for RIP/IGRP?   RIP - 15 IGRP - 255  
How often does RIPv1/RIPv2/IGRP send full routing table update?   RIPv1/v2 - every 30 seconds IGRP - every 90 seconds  
Command to show routing protocols configured on router?   show ip protocols  
Command to cancel propagating a network   no network  
Command to disable RIP?   no router rip  
What is update/reply from a router to the router from which it received Route Poisoning, saying it has received Route Poisoning?   Poison reverse  
What are two classes of routing protocols regarding AS?   IGP (Interior Gateway Protocols) & EGP (Exterior Gateway Protocols)  
Is BGP a IGP or EGP?   EGP  
What are three classes of routing protocols?   Distance vector Link-state Advanced distance vector (balanced hybrid)  
Commands to configure DHCP server - address pool called myPool with network, default-gateway, DNS server &, domain name myDomain.com?   config t service dhcp ip dhcp pool myPool network default-router dns-server domain-name myDomain.com exit ip dhcp excluded-address  
What's in flash memory?   IOS (.BIN file)  
What's in NVRAM?   Startup-config  
What's in (D)RAM?   Running-config.  
What's in ROM?   POST, Bootstrap & Mini-IOS  
What does router do if configuration register is 0x2102?   Boot from NVRAM (derault). (Startup-config)  
What does router do if configuration register is 0x2101?   Boot from ROM. (Mini-IOS)  
What does router do if configuration register is 0x2142?   Ignore NVRAM. (Password recovery) (Rom Monitor - ROMMON mode)  
What command to see neighbor router's IP address?   show cdp neighbors detail (NOT neighbor. NOT details)  
What command to see neighbor router's hostname, local int, platform and remote port?   show cdp neighbors (NOT neighbor)  
What command to terminate a telnet session?   exit  
What key combination to get back to console whilst keeping telnet session?   Ctrl + Shift + 6, release it, then X  
What command to check telnet sessions from your router to remote device?   show sessions  
What command to build static host table?   ip host hostName IPaddress  
Command to check host table?   show hosts  
Old command to do the same as copy start run?   config mem  
What's key combination to interrupt router boot sequence?   Ctrl + Break  
Command to show interface traffic including CDP packets sent/received and CDP errors?   show cdp traffic  
Command to show CDP status on router interfaces or switch ports?   show cdp interface  
Command to check active consoles and VTY ports in use on your router?   show users  
Command to change Configuration Register to 0x2101?   config-register 0x2101  
Command to turn off CDP on s0/0/0?   config t int s0/0/0 no cdp enable  
Command to turn off CDP on router?   no cdp run  
In ROMMON mode of ISR/2600, command to change Configuration Register to 0x2142?   confreg 0x2142 reset  
In ROMMON mode of 2500, command to change Configuration Register to 0x2142?   o/r 0x2142  
Command to show current IOS name, size and size of flash memory?   show flash  
Which is correct on router, tracert or traceroute?   traceroute  
Command to see console messages (e.g. debug) through telnet?   terminal monitor  
Commands to configure DNS server and default domain name mydomain.com?   config t ip domain-lookup ip name-server ip domain-name mydomain.com  
Command to turn off domain lookup?   no ip domain-lookup  
Every ( ) seconds CDP sends update as default?   60  
Which layer does CDP work?   Data Link (as it does not require IP address)  
Is CDP on as default on Cisco routers?   Yes  
Command to display ARP cache (IP-MAC table)?   show ip arp  


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