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Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

What holiday is in November?   Thanksgiving  
Name one of Alvin's brothers.   Theodore  
What is the fifth day of the week?   Thursday  
Another name for mom.   mother  
You have to do this when you're working on homework or tests.   think  
The Star Spangled Banner is our national   anthem  
You use this to see if you have a fever.   thermometer  
You have this each year.   birthday  
Name the theme song to the T.V. show, Hannah Montana.   Best of Both Worlds  
Girls like to shop for these.   clothes  
Another word for dad.   father  
Algebra, geometry, etc.   math  
Mr. Hoffman, who is a science teacher at PVHS, likes to watch this show.   Mythbusters  
Cole Porter wrote the music and lyrics for what musical?   Anything Goes  
From Anything Goes: Are you French or Mexican?   Billy Crocker: Neither. I'm Chilchilian.  


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Created by: zustalexandra on 2008-11-25

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