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AG 507 Phonological Processes

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

unstressed syllable deletion   potato - tato  
final consonant deletion   dog - da  
cluster reduction   drink - dink  
epenthesis   blue - baloo  
initial consonant deletion   bib - ib  
doubling   go - gogo  
diminutization   cup - cuppy  
coalescence   swim - fim  
velar fronting   key - tea  
stopping of fricatives of affricates   feet - peethouse - hout  
depalatization   shoe - su  
gliding of liquids   rabbit - wabbit  
vowelization   noodle -noodoo  
deaffrication   chew - shoe  
affrication   shoe - chew  
gliding of fricatives   zipper - yipperthumb - wumb  
denasalization   drum - drubnurse - durse  
backing   down - gown  
glottal replacement   fishing - fi?ingcup - ku?  
reduplication   water - wawabottle - baba  
labial assimilation   boot - bup progressivezip - vip regressive  
velar assimilation   coat - coke  
nasal assimilation   nose - known  
prevocalic voicing   pie - buykick - gik  
prevocalic devoicing   bag - bake  
alveolar assimilation   knife - nice  
metathesis   elephant - effalant  
systematic sound preference   fork - torksoap - tope  
vowel harmony   cowboy - coyboy  
derhoticization   bird - bid  
rhoticization   bid - bird  


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Created by: Aureole on 2008-10-14

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