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p. 24-25

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

has curly hair   curly-haired  
is darker from the sun (has a suntan)   suntanned  
has blue eyes   blue-eyed  
has red cheeks   rosy-cheeked  
has long legs   long-legged  
has broad shoulders   broad-shouldered  
writes with the left hand   left-handed  
has flat feet   flatfooted  
very new   brand-new  
fits tightly, is snug   tight-fitting  
shoes with the toe area open   open-toed  
forgetful   absent-minded  
relaxed   easy-going  
cheerful (has a good nature)   good-natured  
kind (has a warm heart)   warmhearted  
smart and thinks quickly   quick-witted  
stubborn   pigheaded  
hypocritical (tells me one story and tells you something different)   two-faced  
egotistical, focuses only on oneself   self-centered  
gets angry easily   quick-tempered  
conceited, arrogant, too proud   stuck-up  
total, complete   all-out  
can't be removed   built-in  
covered with buildings, over-developed   built-up  
an area in poor condition, things falling down and falling apart   run-down  
very old or very tired   worn-out  
can see things close-up better   nearsighted  


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Created by: jkirsch on 2008-09-24

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