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Blunder - Canter

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Blurt   to utter impulsively  
Bluster   to be loud and noisy; empty threats  
Bode   to foreshadow; portend (to give an omen)  
Bogus   counterfeit; not authentic  
Bohemian   unconventional (in an artistic way)  
Boisterous   violent; rough; noisy  
Bolster   to support; to reinforce  
Bolt (N)   door bar; a fastening pin or screw; the length of fabric  
Bolt (V)   to dash or to dart off; fasten (a door); to gobble down  
Bombardment   an attack with bombs  
Bombastic   pompous; using inflated language  
Boon   blessing; benefit  
Boorish   rude; insensitive  
Bouillon   clear beef or chicken soup  
Bountiful   abundant; graciously generous  
Bourgeois   middle class; selfishly materialistic  
Bovine   cowlike; placid and dull  
Bowdlerize   to remove passages considered vulgar: to expurgate  
Boycott   to refrain from buying or using  
Brackish   somewhat salty; unpleasant or distasteful <He found the only wells in the area were brackish; drinking the water made him nauseous.>  
Braggadocio   boasting; cockiness <He was disliked because his manner was always full of braggadocio.>  
Braggart   boaster  
Brandish   to wave around; to flourish  
Bravado   pretense display of bravery; swaggering (boasting)  
Brawn   muscular strength; sturdiness  
Brazen   contemptuous in speech or conduct; insolent  
Breach   breaking of contract or duty; fissure or gap  
Breadth   width; extent  
Brevity   shortness or conciseness  
Brindled   tawny or grayish with streaks or sports  
Bristling   rising like bristles; showing irritation  
Brittle   easily broken or damaged; lacking warmth, sensitivity, or compassion  
Broach   to introduce; to open up  
Brocade   rich, figured fabric  
Brochure   pamphlet  
Brooch   ornamental clasp  
Brook   to tolerate; to endure  
Browbeat   to bully; to intimidate  
Browse   to graze; to skim or glance at casually  
Brunt   main impact or shock <His arm took the brunt of the blow.>  
Brusque   blunt; abrupt  
Buccaneer   pirate  
Bucolic   rustic; pastoral  
Buffet   to slap; batter; knock about  
Buffoonery   clowning  
Bugaboo   something that causes fear or worry; bugbear  
Bullion   gold and silver in the form of bars  
Bulwark   a defense wall; person who defends  
Bungle   to act or work clumsily or inadequately; to mishandle; to botch  
Buoyant   able to float; cheerful and optimistic  
Bureaucracy   overregulated administrative system marked by red tape  
Burgeon   to sprout; to flourish  
Burlesque   to give an imitation that ridicules  
Burnish   to make shiny by rubbing; polish  
Buttress   to support; to prop up  
Buxom   full-bosomed; plump; jolly  
Cabal   persons secretly united in a plot; club or group <a cabal of artist>  
Cache   hiding place  
Cacophonous   having a harsh or discordant sound; inharmonious  
Cadaver   corpse  
Cadaverous   like a corpse; pale  
Cadence   rhythmic rise and fall of words or sounds; beat  
Cajole   to coax; to wheedle  
Calamity   disaster; misery  
Calculated   deliberately planned; likely  
Cauldron   large kettle  
Caliber   ability; quality  
Calligraphy   beautiful writing; excellent penmanship  
Callous   hardened; unfeeling  
Callow   inexperience; immature  
Calorific   heat-producing  
Calumny   malicious misrepresentation; slander  
Camaraderie   good-fellowship  
Cameo   shell or jewel carved in relief; star's special appearance in a minor role in a film  
Camouflage   to disguise; to conceal  
Canard   a false story; exaggerate report  
Candor   frankness; open honesty  
Canine   related to dogs; doglike  
Canker   any ulcerous sore; any evil  
Canny   Careful, cautious; shrewd; skilled; thrifty  
Canon   the body of rules, principles, or standards; standard or criterion  
Cant   insincere expressions of piety; private language of the underworld  
Cantankerous   ill-humored; irritable  
Cantata   story set to music, to be sung by a chorus  
Blunder   error  


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Created by: triwaingle on 2008-03-26

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