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NWHSU Mash GA1Q3 Origin Insertion

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

origin of trapezius   EOP, Ligamentum Nuchae, Spinous Process of C7-T12  
insertion of trapezius   UPPER: lateral 1/3 of Clavicle and the Acromion of Scapula MIDDLE: Spine of the Scapula LOWER: Root of Spine of Scapula  
Insertion of Subscapularis M.   lesser tubercle of humerus  
origin of serratus posterior superior   Caudal Ligamentum Nuchae, SP of C7-T3  
Insertion of serratus POSTERIOR superior   Lateral surface of ribs 2-5  
Insertion of serratus POSTERIOR inferior   Ribs 8-12 Inferior Border  
Origin of serratus anterior m.   lateral surface of upper 8 ribs  
Insertion of serratus anterior.   Vertebral Border of Scapula - Anterior Surface  
Origin of Levator Scapulae.   C1-C4 Transverse Processes  
origin of pectoralis major   claviular head: medial half of clavicle, sternocostal head: sternum cartilages of superior 6 ribs, aponeurosis of external oblique muscle  
Origin of pectoralis minor m.   anterior surface of ribs 3,4,5  
Insertion of pectoralis minor m.   Coracoid Process of the Scapula  
a muscle which inserts on the coracoid process of the scapula   pectoralis minor  
origin of subclavius muscle   1st rib costocartilage junction  
insertion of the rhomboids MINOR only   Root of Spine of Scapula  
Forms the lateral border of the "triangle of auscultation".   Medial border of Scapula  
Origin of long head of the biceps brachii   Supraglenoid tubercle  
Origin of short head of the biceps brachii.   Coracoid Process of the Scapula  
Insertion of teres major   medial lip of bicipital groove of humerus  
Insertion of teres minor.   Inferior facet of the greater tubercle of the humerus  
Rotator cuff muscle that inserts on the lower facet of the greater tubercle.   Teres Minor  
Origin of lateral head of the triceps (Be specific).   Posterior Humerus Above Spiral Groove  
Insertion of latissimus dorsi.   Bicipital Groove of Humerus  
Origin of anconeus   lateral epicondlyle of humerus  
Insertion of anconeous.   Olecranon Process & Upper Posterior Surface of the Ulna  
origin off lateral epicondyle and insertion on olecranon process   anconeus  
Origin of brachialis muscle (BE SPECIFIC)   Lower half of anterior shaft of humerus  
Insertion of brachialis m.   tuberosity and coronoid process of ulna  
insertion of the brachioradialis muscle   styloid process of radius  
Muscle inserting into the styloid process of the radius, it provides flexion of the elbow in the neutral position.   Brachioradialis  
Insertion of pronator teres.   Middle Lateral Shaft of Radius  
Insertion of pronator quadratus   distal 4th of anterior radius  
DEEP muscle that inserts on the distal anterior radius.   Pronator Quadratus  
Muscle that originates below the radial notch on posterior ulna and posterior capsule; it inserts between anterior and posterior oblique lines on anterior surface of proximal radius   supinator m.  
Common origin of the extensors located in the forearm.   Lateral Epicondyle of the Humerus (common extensor tendon  
COMMON origin of the flexors in the forearm   medial epicondyle of humerus  
Insertion of flexor carpi radialis   base of 2nd, 3rd metacarpal  
Insertion of flexor carpi ulnaris.   Hamate Carpal Bone, Pisiform Carpal Bone, Base of 5th Metacarpal  
Insertion of extensor carpi radialis longus.   Base of the 2nd Metacarpal  
Insertion of extensor carpi radialis brevis   Base of 3rd Metacarpal  
Insertion of extensor carpi radialis   Longus - Base of 2nd Metacarpal; Brevis - Base of 3rd Metacarpal  
insertion of extensor carpi ulnaris   Base of 5th Metacarpal  
Name the muscles that insert into the 2nd (middle) and 3rd (distal) phalanges via the extensor expansion.   extensor digitorum, extensor digiti minimi, extensor indicis  
Muscle that originates from the posterior ulna, radius and interosseous membrane; it inserts into the base of the 1st metacarpal   Abductor Pollicus Longus  
Insertion of palmaris longus.   Palmar Aponeurosis & Flexor Retinaculum  
specific joints extended by extensor indicis   wrist, index finger at PIP, DIP, MP joint  
Insertion of extensor expansion   lumbricals of the hand, extensor indicis m., dorsal and palmar interossei; and retinacular ligament  
Insertion of extensor pollicis brevis.   Base of Proximal Phalanx of Thumb  
Insertion of flexor pollicis longus.   Distal Phalanx of Thumb  
Insertion of flexor digitorum profundus   bases of distal phlanges of 4 fingers  
In detail, describe the insertion of the extensor digitorum muscle.   Via Extensor Expansion 4 fingers, into base of the 2nd & 3rd Phalanges & Inter Phalangeal Joints (PIP & DIP)  
describe the insertion of extensor digitorum   via the extensor expansion of the 4 fingers into the base of the 2nd and 3rd phalanges  
insertion of extensor expansion   4 phalanges  
Insertion of extensor expansion.   Sides and Shafts of the middle and distal phalanx of the 4 fingers  


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Created by: AnatomyMash on 2012-10-26

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