Below is a sample of the actual 2014 SSA Awards Ballot. The voting period was through 11-10-2014 Midnight. Below is a sample of what the ballot
looked like.

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1. Songwriter of the Year
Bob Welsh - No Mortal BeforeMark Chiriboga
Brett VanderbrinkMatt Fair - Futuristic Diner
Brett Vanderbrink - bcpzMaxine Andujar - The Stocktons
brett vanderbrink - bzpzMegan Klauck-Megan Katarina
Carlo Mercieri - Nebulous ProjectMichael Shawn Turner and Patricia Matson - booRADLEY
Chloe Kramer - Chloe KramerNick Bryant
Christopher McGarry and Ryan Bozeman - Tiger RiderRebecca Field - Undercover Betty
Colby Long - Chaotic TransitRobin Lewis - Breakdown, Overload
Falcon, Ryo, & Bradford Heene - HEENE BOYZRyan Barry - Landing Falls
Gage Surratt - No Mortal BeforeRyan Bozeman - Tiger Rider
Gary Lee WingardSavanna Leigh Bassett - Savanna Leigh Bassett
Gerry Williams - The Gerry Williams BandScott Corley, Jessie Corley, Billy Dugan and Travis Bryan - SKYTRAIN
Hannah Summer - GreyeShawn Scheller - Save The Radio
Jai` EagleSJ
jett wolfe - greyeSteven Rhoades - RHOADES and RICKETTS
john gogginTravis Cockerham - Sway Jah Vu
John R Butler - The Honey Creepers BandTroy Youngblood
Katie HargroveZeb Webb - True gain

2. Song of the Year
Armor Of God - Beneath The Gates Of SplendorLanding Falls - Where I stand
bcpz - It`s Just Love AgainLucky Dreamer Marquis - Dad`s Song
booRADLEY - UphillNebulous Project - She`s My Demon
bzpz - it`s just love againNEW DAY - One Man`s War
Captivated Nation - Anything I NeedNick Bryant - "St. Augustine"
Chaotic Transit - AlpharettaNo Mortal Before - Mexican Fiesta
Chaotic Transit - LeavesProvidence - Greye
Chloe Kramer - Dirty ClothesRHOADES and RICKETTS - Yet Begun to Fight
Flood Lights - Tiger RiderSavanna Leigh Bassett - Barefoot in the Summer
Futuristic Diner - RainbowSave The Radio - Add It Up
Gary Lee Wingard - Hangin` With You BluesSC Hitt - Volume
Gerry Williams - My WaySJ - I Am
greye - greyeSKYTRAIN - Neon Jungle
Greye - ProvidenceSway Jah Vu - Simplicity
HEENE BOYZ - Balloon Boy No HoaxThe Fringes - More Than It Seems
HEENE BOYZ - Finger It OutThe Honey Creepers Band - Did I Read Too Much Into This
HEENE BOYZ - Time and SpaceThe Stocktons - Sinking
Jai` Eagle - DreamerTiger Rider - Downtown Surrounded Alone
Jai` Eagle - GoTiger Rider - Lies In The Lullabies
john goggin - flowers in the rainTroy Youngblood- Hotel Florida
Katie Hargrove - Lost our warUndercover Betty - Can`t Be Your Lover
Landing Falls - Mountain DreamsWho Hit Willie - Livin` in a Ghost Town
Landing Falls - RaindropsZeb Webb - The Day

3. Band of the Year
Armor Of GodNEW DAY
bcpzNo Mortal Before
bzpzSavanna Leigh Bassett
Captivated NationSave The Radio
Chaotic TransitSC Hitt
Chloe KramerShawn Scheller
Dropin PickupSKYTRAIN
Explore the UncomfortableSway Jah Vu
Futuristic DinerThe Fringes
GreyeThe Honey Creepers Band
HEENE BOYZThe Nebulous Project
I Woke Up Early For My FuneralThe Stocktons
john gogginThe Transfers
Jupiter GrooveThe Young Psychedelics
Landing FallsTiger Rider
Lucky dreamer maquisTrue gain
Lucky Dreamer MarquisUndercover Betty
Movers & ShakersWho Hit Willie

4. Musician of the Year
BcpzKatie Hargrove - Vocals
Bob Grosso - True gain - GuitarMark Chiriboga - Tie Dye Road - Guitar, flute
Bradford Heene - HEENE BOYZ - Lead GuitarMatt Lemine - Chaotic Transit - Drums, Piano
Brett Vanderbrink - bcpz - guitarMichael MacKewice - Save The Radio - Lead Guitar/Vocals
Brett Vanderbrink - bcpz - It`s Just Love AgainMichael Shawn Turner - booRADLEY - guitar/vocals
brett vanderbrinkl - bzpz - guitarMike Arroyo - Chaotic Transit - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Bryan Caldwell - NEW DAY - BassRandy Hilderman - The Honey Creepers Band - Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Upright Bass, Trumpet, Keyboard and Vocals
Carlo Mercieri - Nebulous Project - GuitarRay Grimard - Greye - Drums/Percussion
Chloe Kramer - Vocals, guitarRebecca Field - Undercover Betty - Guitar
Colby Long - Chaotic Transit - Vocals, Electric, DrumsRick Grano - The transfers - Guitar
Dan "RodZ" Rodriduez - Jupiter Groove - Electric GuitarRyan Barry - Landing Falls - Guitarist/Lead vocals
Falcon Heene - HEENE BOYZ - VocalRyo Heene - HEENE BOYZ - Drums
Frank Mammano - Futuristic Diner - bass guitar, electric guitar, synthesizer, piano, percussionSavanna Leigh Bassett - Savanna Leigh Bassett - voice, acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, keyboard
Gary Lee Wingard - Acoustic GuitarScott Corley, Jessie Corley, Billy Dugan and Travis Bryan - SKYTRAIN - vocals,bass,drums,guitar
Hannah Summer - Greye - VocalsShawn Scheller - Save The Radio - Lead Vocals
Jeff Brownlie - NEW DAY - GuitarShawn Scheller - Save The Radio - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Jerry Sible - NEW DAY - VocalsShawn Scheller - Save The Radio - Vocals/Guitar
Jett Wolfe - Greye - GuitarSJ - Guitar/Vocals
Joe Cosas - Save The Radio - Multi-Instrumentalist (Bass/Keyboards/Mandolin/Accordian/Melodica/Dulcimer/Brass/Vocals/Strings)Steven Rhoades - RHOADES and RICKETTS - guitar
John Garren - NEW DAY - DrumsSuyan Argolo - The Stocktons - Drums
john goggin - 12 string taylorTL Jentgens - Save The Radio - Drums
Juan R Leon - Jupiter Groove - BassistTravis Cockerham - Sway Jah Vu - Vocals, Guitar

5. Most Unique Style
bcpzLanding Falls
booRADLEYLucky Dreamer Marquis
Bread & CircusNEW DAY
bzpzNick Bryant
Captivated NationNo Mortal Before
Carlo MercieriPilotwave
Chaotic TransitRHOADES and RICKETTS
Chloe KramerSavanna Leigh Bassett
Clarence MayhewSC Hitt
Futuristic DinerSKYTRAIN
Gary Lee WingardSway Jah Vu
GreyeThe Gerry Williams Band
HEENE BOYZThe Honey Creepers Band
Jai` EagleThe Stocktons- Hangover
john gogginThe Transfers
John WesleyTrue Gain
Jupiter GrooveWho Hit Willie
Katie Hargrove