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Basic Hydraulics


Pumps create? Flow
Pressure is created by what two sources? Liquid resistance and load resistance.
A relief Valve converts fluid energy into? Heat.
A relief valve is placed into the system in? Parallel
Flow in a hydraulic system is equated to? Speed
Prime movers in a hydraulic sytem could be? Electric Motors, Diesel, Gas, Turbine Engines
To Decrease speed you must decrease? Flow
Sigle rod double acting cylinders move faster to extend or retract? Retract
Pressure exerted in one area of a closed containerfilled with liquid is equal in all directions refers to? Pascals law
Force equals? Pressure times area
what is required to measure flow? Flow meter
what is required to measure pressure? Pressure Gauge
What is required to measure Prime mover speed? Tachometer
High inlet restriction readings ion a vacuum gauge would indicate? Cavitation
Low Inlet restriction readings on a vacuum gauge could indicate? Aeration
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