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6th Gr.Social.Studie

5 Themes of Geography - Definitions & other Vocabulary

location where a place can be found
absolute location includes latitude and longitude
relative location describes where a place is based on North, South, East, West direction.
place describes what is special about an area in terms of its physical and human features, landforms, animals, cultures.
region a group of places that share similar features.
movement how people, goods and ideas go from one place to another.
human/environment interaction how people affect the environment where they live and how the environment affects them.
delta land made of silt left behind as a river drains into larger body of water.
desert a dry environment with few plants & animals.
gulf part of an ocean that extends into land.
harbor a sheltered place along the coast.
island body of land surrounded by water.
isthmus narrow strip of land that connects two bodies of land.
lake body of water surrounded by land.
landlocked surrounded by land.
mouth where river empties into larger body of water.
peninsula body of land nearly surrounded by water.
ocean large body of salt water.
river stream of water that flows across land & empties into another body of water.
source starting part of a river.
strait a narrow water way that connects two larger bodies.
valley area of low land between hills & mountains.
plain a large area of nearly flat land.
plateau area of elevated flat land.
political map shows information such as cities, countries or states.
physical map shows earth's natural features.
elevation map uses color to show height & land above sea level.
relief map kind of physical map that changes elevation.
historical map shows information about past events & where they took place.
distribution map show things such as language, religion, population, rainfall are distributed throughout the area.
What are the 5 Themes of Geography? Location, Place, Region, Movement, Human/Environment Interaction
Created by: coached4417