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Anything that has mass and takes up space. matter
What are the 3 states of matter? solids, liquids, and gases
The amount of matter in an object - mass
A state of matter that has no definite shape or definite volume- gas
A state of matter that has a definite volume but takes the shape of its container- liquid
A state of matter that has a definite shape and a definite volume- solid
Anything that is dangerous a hazard
When you tie your hair back this is a precaution
A magnet will not stick to this metal copper
A magnet will stick to this metal iron
To dissolve in a liquid is to be- soluble
If it floats it has - buoyancy
The pull of gravity on an object is its- gravity
The way something feels texture
Another word for smell odor
It will allow electricity to go through it conductivity
Another word for thermal energy heat
In magnets opposites do this attract
In magnets two south poles or two north poles do this repel
This means to dissolve in liquid soluble
This means the object will float buoyancy
The 5 senses seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching
The boiling point of water in Celsius 100 C
The steps of the scientific method question, hypothesis, experiment, analysis, conclusion
Controls in the sugar cube experiment cubes in both, same size beakers, same amount of water
Variable in the sugar cube experiment hot water, cold water
Another word for hypothesis prediction
The part of the scientific method that includes the materials and procedures experiment
In the viscosity experiment which substance has the most viscosity? syrup
Which liquid had the least viscosity in our experiment? water
These are the steps in an experiment procedures
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