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Chapter 2

Louisiana's Geography

specific spot on the planet (expressed with lines of latitude and longitude) absolute location
mapmaker cartographer
explains where a place is in relation to other places relative location
water deep enough to travel safely by boat navigable
Louisiana's northern border state Arkansas
Louisiana's eastern border state Mississippi
Louisiana's western border state Texas
Louisina's southern border Gulf of Mexico
longest river in North America Mississippi River
second longest river in Louisiana Red River
largest natural lake in Louisiana Lake Pontchartrain
Choctaw Indian word for creek bayou
height of a place above sea level elevation
difference between the highest and lowest elevation in a given area relief
soil deposited by a river alluvial
place where a river meets the sea and water changes from saltwater to freshwater estuary
physical features of an area topography
wet treeless prairie covered with grasses and water marsh
salt mines found in the marsh (Avery Island) salt domes
scientists who study the origin, history and structure of earth geologists
current conditions of the atmosphere weather
average weather over a long period of time climate
any form of water that falls from the atmosphere and reaches the ground precipitation
storm with wind speed of at least 74 mph hurricane
number of days between the last killing frost in spring and the first killing frost in the fall growing season
swamps marsh and other areas that have a natural supply of water and are covered or soaked with water at least part of the year wetlands
natural sinking of the coastline subsidence
islands off the coast that protect the wetlands, bays and estuaries from the direct impact of ocean waves barrier islands
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