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Chap. 1 SS 4th grade

Chap. 1 SS 4th grade(LOGAN)

A landform found in the midwest is________________. plains
Regional boundaries are different from state boundaries because they are not______________________. set by rules or laws
Regional boundaries are often determined by__________________. major landforms
People who make products or provide services are______________________. human resources
A renewable resource can be_________. replaced
One of the most valuable resources of the northeast region is__________. coal
An area that is usually warm all year has a ____________climate. tropical
___________is NOT a major resource of the southwest region. gold
_______is a nonrenewable resource. oil
Climate is different from weather because it is based on______________. weather averaged over a long period of time
The_________________is a landform found in the southwest region. Grand Canyon
The___________is NOT one of the five major regions in the United States. east
Two major factors of weather and climate are_______________________. temperature and precipitation
The climate of the southwest region is________________. hot and dry
____________does NOT affect climate. population
I live in the ____________region. It has__________ and ___________. We have ______ seasons and a ______ climate. midwest plains rivers 4 mild

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