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Scientific Method

Observations that can be measured-10cm, 5 grams. What kind of observation? Quantitative
Using your 5 senses to gather information.Observation or inference? Observations
What data is observed but not measured numerically. Can be an opinion-using description. Blue, slimy, bitter taste etc. Qualitative
Making educated guesses on what has occurred based on observations is called ? Inference
Why are constants so important to an experiment? So the ONLY thing affecting the outcome is the _____________ variable. independent
In the scientific method, you must have a ______to solve. problem or question.
After research, one makes a prediction or educated guess what might be the answer to your question. hypothesis
A hamster runs at a pace of 23 mph. He wants to know if vitamins will make him run faster. Write a testable question. Will vitamins have an affect on the speed of the hamster?
When you change something in your experiment, this is the _____variable. This is really what you are testing. independent
What you purposely keep the same each time you repeat the experiment... constants
What is the EFFECT of the independent variable? It is measurable. dependent variable
To make sure your conclusion is correct, you must do each experiment as least ____ times. Why? 3, You need to make sure you have a true or valid answer.
I love race gocarts. My regular green one goes 450 mph. I wonder if I have more weight in my gocart if it will go faster. What is my control group? regular green gocart
Will adding fertilizer to plants affect how tall the plant grows? Is this testable? yes
Testing white milk and chocolate milk-which do rats prefer to drink more?? The type of milk would be the ___variable. independent
Does the price of fertilizer affect how tall a plant can grow? What is IV and DV? IV-different fertilizers DV-height of plant
Does the type of hair spray Justin Bieber use affect how long he can sing? IV and DV? IV-different hairsprays DV-how long he can sing
Formulate a testable question. You have a problem. Your digital alarm clock isn't loud enough to wake you up. You want to test different alarm clocks to see if one is louder than the other. Does the type of alarm clock affect how loud the alarm is?
Does the type of bird food affect how fast the Road Runner can run? IV and DV? IV-type of bird food DV- how fast he can run
I want to see which material will make an airplane (folded) stay in the air the longest. I know my paper airplane keeps the plane in the air for 24 seconds on average. I'm trying out aluminum foil and posterboard. What is my control group? The paper airplane-I already know what it can do.
Henry and Dylan are planning on entering a hot dog eating contest. They normally can eat 122 hot dogs in 5 minutes. They want to know if they dip the hot dog in vinegar right before they eat it, if they can eat more hot dogs in 5 minutes. Iv?Dv? IV- vinegar DV- amount of hot dogs eaten in 5 minutes
Ryan is a great student! If he studies 15 minutes a night on his flashcards, will his test grade, on average, increase? What is the DV? Test grades
Keep going.... :)Yes, you.....Keep going or the zombies might get you!!
Taylor is a great student! Testable Question: Does studying 15 minutes a night on her flashcards have an affect on her becoming a better student? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS QUESTION? NEVER USE BETTER OR BEST. WE CAN'T MEASURE IT.
Are you understanding this any better? Hope so..FORMATIVE SEPT. 9TH!!! WORK ON FLASCARDS AT HOME TIS WEEKEND.....
Created by: mrsyoung