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Chapter 1

Louisiana's Culture

the spreading of one's own culture cultural diffusion
the way of life of a group of people culture
a kind of improvised music jazz
music style based on black folk music blues
a cajun dance fais-do-do
music of French-speaking African Americans of South Louisiana zydeco
church music gospel music
sacred folk songs of African Americans spirituals
a hearty Creole soup made of chicken, seafood, okra and other vegetables gumbo
a spicy Cajun dish of rice and meat jambalya
Louisiana's biggest celebration Mardi Gras
an area defined by similar features region
city areas urban
country areas rural
group of people who share common tradtions, beliefs, and patterns of living that include language, religion, customs and food ethnic group
descendants of the first Acadians to migrate to Louisiana cajuns
people of African ancestry who were free during the period of slavery free people of color (gens de couleur libre)
people of French, Spanish or Mixed heritage who were born in Louisiana Creole
People decended from Canary Islanders who were brought to Louisiana when it was a Spanish colony Islenos
Created by: swhittington