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South Habersham Middle School 7th Grade SS Powertime Vocabulary Unit 4

Plateau A raised area of relatively level land.
Renewable Resources Natural resources that can be replaced in a relatively short period of time like trees and cocoa beans.
Sahara A large desert covering most of northern Africa.
Sahel A semiarid region that borders the Sahara to the south that is turning into a desert.
Savanna Flat, grasslands that are scattered with trees and shrubs.
Semi-Arid A type of climate that is dry although it does receive more rainfall than an arid climate.
South Africa The country in southern Africa that was segregated because of apartheid.
Standard of Living A measure for the quality of life in a location.
Swahili Ethnic group that is a mix of the Bantu and Arab people who live mainly in Eastern Africa; also, the language they speak.
Tropical Rain Forest A region covered with tall trees and vegetation that receives a large amount of rainfall.
Created by: hbogue