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South Habersham Middle School 7th Grade SS Powertime Vocabulary Unit 2

Theocracy A form of government where religion dictates the laws and chooses a religious leader for the country (Sharia law, for example).
Command Economy Economic systems where the government decides the answers to the basic economic questions.
Market Economy An economic system based on private ownership where individual consumers and producers answer the basic economic questions.
Mixed Economy Description of economies that have some combination of a pure command economy and a pure market economy.
Traditional Economy An economy where economic decisions are made on the basis of customs, beliefs, religions, and habits.
Arabs Ethnic group of people that is mainly Muslim and live in Northern Africa.
Arid Type of climate that is very dry and receives very little rainfall.
Ashanti Ethnic group of people that live near Ghana on the Western side of Africa.
Bantu Ethnic group of people that migrated (moved) from throughout southern Africa.
Deforestation The process of cutting and clearing away trees from a forest.
Desertification The process by which land is turning into a desert because of drought, overgrazing, over farming, and deforestation.
Created by: hbogue