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ERM 8th Sci Mod 14

Apologia Physical Science 2nd Ed - Waves and Sound

TRANSVERSE WAVE a wave with a dirction of propagation that is perpendicular to its direction of oscillation
LONGITUDINAL WAVE a wave with a direction of propagation that is parallel to its direction of oscillation
SUPERSONIC SPEED any speed that is faster thatn the speed of sound in the substance of interest
SONIC BOOM the sound produced as a result of an object traveling at or above Mach 1
PITCH an indication of how high or low a sound is, which is primarily determined by the frequency of the sound wave
If engineers want a higher pitch, they want higher frequency, which means they want a ? wavelength. shorter
Infrasonic waves have frequencies less than ? 20 Hz
What is the lowest frequency human ears can hear? infrasonic
Ultrasonic waves have frequencies of more than ? 20,000 Hz
Sonic waves have frequencies betweeen ? and ? 20 and 20,000 Hz
Can sound waves travel in an airtight chamber? No, sound waves cannot even be created without air
Are sound waves transverse waves or longitudinal waves? longitudinal waves
Does sound travel faster in solids, gases, or liquids? solids
What happens when a wave strikes an obstacle? part of the wave is reflected and part of it is transmitted through the obstacle
Is the amplitude of a wave larger or smaller when it stikes an obstacle? smaller because only part of the wave, not reflected, is present
Why do jests travel at speeds of Mach 1 or higher only in sparsely populated regions? It creates a shock wave of air that causes a very loud sonic boom that can damage people's ears and buildings
If a guitar string is pinched, the wavelength will be smaller, thus resulting in a ? frequency and the ? will increase higher; pitch
What determines loudness? amplitude
A loud noise moving away from you becomes ? in pitch lower
You move toward a loud noise and as a result the ? and ? get higher frequencies and pitch
? pitch means low frequency low
low frequency means ? wavelength long
Sound waves oscillate ? to the direction in which they travel parallel
? waves havve the lowest frequencies infrasonic
? waves have higher frequencies sonic
? waves have the highest frequencies ultrasonic
? waves have the longest wavelengths infrasonic
Do sound waves travels faster in liquids or gases? liquids
A man singing low has ? frequencies and ? wavelengths lower and longer
2 things the speed of sound depend on the medium and temperature
the highest points on the wave crests
the lowest points on the wave troughs
distance between crests or troughs wavelength
height of a wave amplitude
how many waves pass a given point per second frequency (abbreviated as Hz)
In a longitudinal wave, the places where the medium "bunches up" compressions
In a longitudinal wave, the places where the medium "spread out" rarefactions
The membrane in the ear that vibrates and are then transmitted to the brain, which interprets sound tympanic
Is the speed of light or sound faster? light is significantly faster
The ? scale measures intensity of a sound wave bel
It takes ? decibels to make a bel 10 (ex: 80 decibels = 8 bels)
sound waves used to probe inside the earth infrasonic
sound waves used to see images in the human body ultrasonic
Created by: supermommorris on 2012-07-13

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