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Encounter form a form that contains most common procedures and diagnosis including patient name, address, and billing information.
Guarantor person responsible for paying the bill
Medical Practice Management Software software used to schedule patients, sumit electronic claims to the insurance company and perform simlified accounting procedure
Medisoft a medical practice management software system for use in medical office
Provider a general term referring to physician, physician assistant, and nurse practitioner
Sidebar a feature in medisoft that allows you to access many features quickly
Superbill another name for encounter form
Cases a group of transactins for a particular patient's condition
Health Insurance provide protection for patients againist the financial consequences of illness, accident, injuries, and disablities
Managed Care prepaid health plans that provide healthcare services at a low cost
Third Party Payers someone other than the patient who is responsible for paying the medical bill.Typically the insurance company
Appointment Books books that list all providers in the practice and their scheduled appointments
Cluster SCheduling scheduling groups similar procedures together at the same time of the week
Consultatiom Appointments appointmentsin which the patient seeks the advice of another provider
Double Booking scheduling two appointments at the same time
Emergency Appointments appointments that require a quick response, these can be life threatening
Individual Scheduling each patient is given a predetermined time slot
Modified Wave Scheduling patients are schduled every 15 mins.
New Patient Appointment a new patients first arrival at the medical office
Physical Appointments examinations for checking growth
Preoperative Appointments scheduled appointments for patients having surgery
Resource a provider, room, nurse, technician, or machine that can be created in medisoft hours
Routine Appointments follow up visits and acute diagnostic visits
Scheduling Matrix a pattern of working and non working hours, for thr medical office
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