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biology ztuff

nucleus 1 control center
contains DNA and RNA 1 nucleus
Golgi apparatus 2 modify, sort and package materials from ER. contains enzymes
chloroplast 2 photosynthesis, 2 membranes
chromosomes 4 contains genes. contains instructions for body. inside nucleus. long threadlike structures of DNA and protein complexes called chromatin
centrioles 2 helps organize cell division. cylinder shape formed by combined microtubules
cytoskeleton 4 support the shape of cells, anchors organelles, movement. network of protein fibers
microtubules move chromosomes during cell division. hollow protein fibers
nuclear envelope double membrane with pores
rough ER transports materials. system of membranes with ribosomes
smooth ER forms vesicles that carry molecules
cell membrane 3 made of lipid bilayer that contains protein&carbs. flexible. protection and support
mitochondria 3 2 membranes. outer&inner consisting of folds called cristae. energy.
peroxisomes 3 small spherical shape, contains enzymes, produce and degrade hydrogen peroxide
lysosomes 3 small sacs that contain digestive enzymes. animals only. digest and recycle cell's used components
flagella 3 threadlike shape. complex cables of microtubules. movement.
vacoule 4 saclike. plant-big with water. animal- several, small. storage
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