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6th gr Genetics

6th Grade Genetics

If organisms have traits well suited to the environment, they will ________ and _________ at a greater rate than other organisms. survive and reproduce
Frogs have speckled skin that blends in with the forest floor; this feature is an _________ because it helps the frong survive over time. adaptation
Where are genes found? chromosomes
The two forms of the same gene are known as ________. alleles
Humans have ______ chromosomes; thats ____ pairs. 46; 23
When you combine genes of two different species this is called __________________. genetic engineering
The mathmatical chance that an event will occur probability
The organism's appearance phenotype
The passing of traits from parents to offspring heredity
Name three traits humans can inherit: hair, eyes, and nose
Name three traist flowers can inherit: petals, leaves and stem
Mendel performed genetic crossing, the _______ seemed to vanish. recessive
Father of modern genetics Gregor Mendel
Small organelled in cells where proteins are made from amino acids; the "factory" where the protein assembly line exists ribosome
Each parent donates one set of instructions to the offspring gene
Change in the order of the bases in an organism's DNA; deletion, insertion or substitution mutation
Used to visualize all the possible combinations of alleles from the parent; a diagram used to understand Mendel's conclusions punnett squares
Anything that can damage or cause changes in DNA; damage caused by physical and chemical agents mutagen
A structure within a cell; sometimes surrounded by a membrane organelle
A particular behavior to help an animal survive behavioral adaptation
Structures, characteristics and behaviors that incrase an organism's chances of surviving adaptation
Ability for an organism to stay put structural adaptation
Inherited combination of alleles genotype
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