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PreSuffRoots 1

Prefixes, Suffixes, Roots in-depth from ab- to bio-

Prefix/Suffix/RootWord Using the Pre/SuffixMeaning of Pre/Suffix
ab-, abs- ABnormal, ABSent from; away from
-acr-, -ac- ACRimonious sharp, bitter
ad- ADvertisement to, toward, for
-agog demAGOGue leader
am-, amic- AMiable/AMICable friend
ambi- AMBIdextrous both
an-, a- ANachronism not, without
anim- ANIMation mind, soul
-ann, -enni centENNIal year
ante- ANTEroom before
anthrop- ANTHROPology man
anti- ANTIgen against, opposing
aqua- AQUArium water
arch- ARCHbishop first, ruler
aud- AUDitory hear
auto- AUTOnomous self
belli- BELLIgerent war
ben-, bon- BENeficial well, good
bi- BIcycle two
biblio- BIBLIOgraphy book
bio- BIOlogy life
Created by: dashingthroughsnow on 2007-09-27

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