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Medical Terminology


the myeloid tissue in cancellous bone is semi-liquid and procudes most RBCs, WBCs, and platelets is usually referred to as bone marrow or red marrow
the upper jawbone is called the: maxilla
the first seven bones of the vertebral column (forming the neck) are the: cervical
the third set of 5 large vertebrae, which form the inward curve of the lower spine and the spinal column's major weight bearers, are called lumbar vertebrae
the wrist bones composed of 8 small bones in two rows are called the carpus or carpals
the ankle bones are called the _______ bones tarsal "flat surface"
the combining forms or terms that literally mean "rib" are: cost/o and pleuro-
the combining word form that refers to the "spine, vertebral column, and/or vertebra" is rachi/o and spondyl/o
the term that means cartilage swelling or cartilage tumor is chondroma
the diagnostic term that literally means inflamed joint is: arthr/itis
the medical term Burs/itis literally means: wine sac or sac inflamed
the term Ankylosis literally means: crooked, stiff, bent/condition; bones pathologically fused together
the combining form of a term that means "hump or hunchback" is ________, and the medical condition of ________ is the backward bending of the thoracic (chest vertebrae) spine kypho-, -kyph/o/sis
the diagnostic term Genu Varum (knees are in the varus position) means: knees are bent outward (bow-legged)
the combining form _______means bone marrow or spinal cord myelo- "osteomyelitis or myelogram"
the combining forms that mean "movement or motion" are: kinesio- and -praxia
the combining forms that mean "stone" are: petro- and litho-
the combining form scolio- means: crooked and curved- lateral or side curve (to bend) of vertebrae, along with rotation
an ankle sprain is often characterized by _________ hematoma formation, with ligaments that are stetched, partially, of fully torn
the diagnostic term Ankylos/ing Spondyl/itis refers to the auto-immune condition of Rheumatoid Arthritis and actually means: the abnormal condition of stiffness and fusion of vertebrae
the diagnostic terms My/asthenia and Neur/asthenia mean: muscle weakness and nerve weakness
the diagnostic term that means pain in the tendon is: tenalgia or tenodynia
the diagnostic term that means abnormal build up of calcium on the kneecap (patella) surface is: calcin/osis
the diagnostic term Avulsion means: tearing lose of a body part like a bone chip or ligament
the diagnostic term for a disease that causes excessive amounts of uric acid crystals in the blood to be deposited in joint (elbow or toe) is: gout
the diagnostic term Herniated Disc means: ruptured or protruding inter/vertebral disk cartilage
the diagnostic term that means abnormal loss of bone density or increased bone poros/ity is: osteo/por/o/sis
the surgical terms Lamin/ectomy and Rachi/o/tomy actually mean: excision of posterior vertebral arch and cutting the vertebral column
the surgical term Arthr/o/desis means: surgical fixation or binding of a joint
an instrument used to cut bone is called a(n): osteo/tom/e
the surgical term for the repair of cartilage is called: chondr/o/plasty
the term Chiro/pract/or literally means: one who practices by hand
the surgical term that means fusing together of the spine (vertebrae) is: spondyl/o/syn/desis
the surgical term Phalang/ectomy means: excision of a finger or toe bone- digit
the surgical term that means "incision into the skull to drain fluid" is: cranio/centesis
the surgical term that actually means "surgically breaking joint apart" is: arthroclasia
CTS and TTS are abbreviations for _______ syn/drome (sign and symptom complex) carpal or tarsal tunnel
the term dys/chrondro/plas/ia literally refers to: faulty cartilage formation
the term for x-ray film (recording) of a joint is: arthro/gram
the procedural term that means visual examination inside a joint is: arthroscop/y
the medical term "Gangli/ec/tom/y" means: procedure of cutting out a knot
a physician who uses techniques and treatments common to medical doctors and chiropractic physicians is a(n): oste/o/path
the modern medical term for a specialist who treats and diagnoses foot disease and disorders such as corns, bunions, claw foot, ingrown toenails, and par/onych/itis is a Chiro/pod/ist. A more current name would be: Pod/iatr/ist
the healing specialty that emphasizes a system of therapy based on the manipulation of the vertebral column and other bones of the body by hand is: Chiropractic
the medical term that means an artificial substitute or addition replacing a missing body part (teeth, feet, hearing aid, eye lens) is: prosth/esis
the diagnostic term Spondylo/listh/esis literally and actually means: vertebrae/slippage/condition
the diagnostic term Ankylosing Spondylitis means: fusing/process vertebrae/inflamed
the diagnostic term Rheumat/oid Arthr/itis means: auto-immune disease often with cartilaginous hyper/troph/y
the diagnostic term Osteoarthritis affects almost 30 million of the 50 million individuals with arthritis in the USA. The term also means: inflammation of a bone joint causing bone hypertrophy
the diagnostic term Bunion (turnip sac) actually means: inflamed bursa of the big toe's metatarsophalangeal joint
the diagnostic term Rotator Cuff Avulsion actually means: tearing of shoulder joint's soft tissues, ligaments, and deep tendons (rotator cuff muscles)
the diagnostic term Housemaid's Knee means: inflamed bursa below the knee related to an occupation
the diagnostic term Osteosarcoma means: bone tumors that causes hard tissue to become soft and fleshy
the diagnostic term Hip Disarticulation (HD) also means: a surgical amputation through the joint capsule of the hip joint
the diagnostic term sub/luxation actually means: partial joint dislocation-less than complete dislocation
an Osteopathic Physician is represented by the Medical Abbreviation ____ and a Chiropractic Physician is represented by the Medical Abbreivation ____ DO and DC
the diagnostic term Hammer Toe means: the toe or toes of the foot are bent over or down- like a hammer
the term Examination means: the process or procedure of inspection
A Optometric Physician uses the Medical Abbreviation: OD
the term Anthropo/metr/ic means: refers to the measurement of humans
a bone process or eye membrane disease term that means reserving a wing is _________ pteryg/oid
muscle terms for belly or abdomen are: abdominus or laparal
a muscle directional term for middle or toward the middle is: medi- or meso- "medium, medial, mesomorph"
a procedure of making a record of muscle activity is called: electro/myo/graph/y
the condition resulting in spasms of the nerves and muscles due to an abnormally low concentration of calcium in the blood is: tetany
the diagnostic term Anterior Polio/myel/itis means an: inflammation of the front gray horm of the spinal cord
the diagnostic term My/asthenia Gravis actually means: heavy because of muscle weakness
the diagnostic term Syn/dactylia means: fingers connected together
the diagnostic term Muscular Dys/trophy means: muscles that have faulty development; and wasting away of the muscles that did develop properly
the muscle or body term trauma means wound
the muscle term ad/duct/or literally means one who/draws/toward "medially"
the diagnostic term Pes Planus means: flat foot
the muscle term supinator means: turns upward- one who
the muscle term sphincter means: that which bind together
the machine that records muscle activity is called the: electromyo/graph
the "literal" meaning of the diagnostic term Cardio/myo/path/y is: heart/muscle/disease/condition
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