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5th grade Teotihuacan Olmecs and Early Man

How did the discovery of agriculture change how early man lived? Agriculture allowed early man to remain in one area and create villages.
When did the Ice Caps melt and create water over the land bridge and form the Bering Straight? 8,000 years ago.
When did giant ice caps cover both the Arctic and Antarctic regions? 50,000 years ago.
What is agriculture? Agriculture is the planting and harvesting of crops
How did early man get his food? Early man was a hunter and gatherer. They moved from place to place.
How do many scientists believe the earliest man arrived to Western Hemisphere? They believed early men crossed over the land bridge in what is now North America.
Why did the water level of oceans falls using the ice age? The polar ice caps trapped much of the water.
What did early man use to make buildings in first villages? Mud and branches to form bricks.
Why did early man make pottery? They made pottery to store grain from harvest.
What is different from early and later pottery? The main difference is that early pottery is simple and later pottery is more decorated.
In what places do archaeologists find clues how ancient man lived? They find clues like stone spearheads, arrowheads, tools and pottery in ancient garbage dumps.
Where did the Olmecs civilization begin? The Olmec civilization began in 1200 BC and ran until 400 BC.
Who gave the Olmecs their name? The Aztec Indians gave the Olmecs their name.
What does Olmec mean? Olmec means rubber people.
What are two Olmec cities discovered by archaeologists? San Lorenzo and La Venta.
What was the major discovery in San Lorenzo? Giant heads made of carved stone.
What is the largest structure in La Venta? A Volcanic shaped pyramid.
What is hematite? A glass like substance created by volcanic eruptions.
What did Olmecs make of hematite? Round polished mirrors.
What are three things Olmecs did in daily life? They used a form of picture writing, they had a number system and they had a calendar.
What present city is Teotihuacan near? Mexico City
Who built Teotihuacan? The Altiplan built the city of Teotihuacan.
How big is Teotihuacan? 8 square miles
What is the main street in Teotihucan called? The avenue of the dead.
What is the most famous structure called? The Pyramid of the Sun.
What is Quetzalcoatl? A building in the city of Teotihuacan named for the serpent God.
What is Teotihuacan famous for? Apartment buildings.
How do we know the Teotihuacan travelled a lot? We know because they traded with places ad had traded goods.
What happened to Teotihuacan in AD 750 The city was destroyed and buried in AD 750
Who did the Aztecs believe built Teotihuacan? The Aztecs believe that Gods built Teotihuacan.
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