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PF Changs rollout

April 2012 new menu rollout

List 5 items that were previously only available during triple happiness that are now being offered. Lemongrass Chicken dumplings, Edamame Dumplings, flaming red wontons, tuna tataki, edamame
Name 4 ingredients in the Thai Chicken Noodle salad and its dressing Lemongrass Chicken, peanuts, mango, bean sprouts, thai peanut dressing, thai greens mix, base cabbage mix, radish, cilantro, basil, mint, rice noodles. Thai peanut dressing
Describe the Thai basil greens salad as you would to a guest. What question do you need to ask? mixed greens tossed with ginger lime vinaigrette and topped with crispy lotus root. With or without Chicken
List 5 items in the seared ahi tuna wasabi salad. 2 things you should mention to your guests. Coriander lemongrass tuna, Thai greens mix, base cabbage mix, cucumber, mango, wasabi ponzu radish, red pepper. Wasabi dressing
How much crab meat comes in the vietnamese crab salad? What type of crab? 3.5 oz lump crap meat
Describe the Caramel mango Chicken as you would to a guest. Name 5 ingredients. Fresh tender chicken caramelized in a Southeast Asian glaze wok tossed with fresh mango , tomatoes, Fresn chilies and Thai Basil. Chicken, ginger, garlic, red onions, fresno chilies, mango, grape tomatoes, thai basil, green O, cilantro, Viet Cara Sauce
Flavor profile of Dali Chicken. name 3 Vegetables Tender pieces of chicken, firm crisp potatoes, leeks and chili posts tossed in our spicy Carmelo Chili Sauce. Leeks, potatoes, chili pepper pods, garlic.
What vegetables come in the lemon Chicken? green onions and broccoli
Describe the Chinese 5 spice Duo of Duck as you would to a guest. Name 2 items that accompany this dish. Slow cooked crisped Duck topped with a 5 spice Cherry chutney and served with a fresh watercress salad and Sesame Vinaigrette Dressing. 5 spice Cherry Chutney and watercress salad with Sesame Vinaigrette Dressing
How much Crabmeat comes in Crab Fried rice? 4 additional Ingredients? 3.5 oz . Shiitake mushrooms, asparagus, egg and smoked bacon. Finished with lemon and Sriracha
What comes with the lemongrass Norwegian Salmon? How is it prepared? Asian glazed asparagus. grilled medium rare? (also has red peppers, garlic, ginger, sesame seeds and asian glaze. 8oz dinner 5 oz lunch
We are adding 2 new side items. Asian tomato cucumber salad and lemon scented Brussels sprouts. Describe them both. A light and refreshing medley of tomato, cucumber and red onions. Thinly shaved and wok tossed with flavors of lemon and basil.
What 3 new items are available as lunch combos? lemongrass grilled norwegian salmon, Caramel Mango Chicken, Crab fried rice
What is the Charge substitution for fried rice for lunch portion? Entree portion? .99. for both. not offered after 4 pm or on Sundays.
Does fried rice substitute include protein? nope. i
T/F the rice substitute Gluten free true
ask what? lemongrass chicken or edamame dumpling? steamed or pan fry?
Wonton Soup cup or bowl?
Chinese Chicken Chop Salad Sesame vinagrete or ginger dressing?
Dim sum lunch Which dumplings (choice of 2) Egg Drop, Hot and Sour or mixed greens salad?? would you like to add additional dumplings for $1 each?
lunch combos White or Brown rice? Cup of Egg drop, hot and sour soup or mixed greens salad. would you like to substitute fried rice for $.99?
Norwegian Salmon and Ahi tuna salad? tuna will be medium rare. Salmon will be medium rare. would you like your salmon steamed, asian grilled or lemongrass.?
Side items. small or large?
can new dishes be modified? no
3 new dressings that are gluten free ginger lime vinaigrette is only new one i think but the ginger dressing and sesame vinaigrette may be offered as well.
Created by: Anne Hains Mefford Anne Hains Mefford on 2012-04-01

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