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Chap 14 MT hpearson


Abnormal outward protrusion of the eyes Exophthalmia
White of the eye Sclera
Structure that separates the middle ear from the inner ear Oval window
What is the colorful muscle that surrounds the pupil of the eye Iris
Structure that holds the lens in place Suspensory ligaments
Oval yellowish spot near the center of the retina Macula lutea
Fliud that moves freely between both chambers of the eyeball Aqueous humor
True organ of hearing Organ of Corti
Part of eye that is responsible for color vsion, central vision, and vision in bright light Cones
PArt of eye that is responsible for peripheral vision and vision in dim light Rods
Ability of the lens to focus on objects closer than 20 feet Accommodation
Medical term for pink eye Conjunctivitis
Gradual interruption in the drainage system of aqueous humor could lead to _______ Chronic open-angle glaucoma
Medical term for swimmwer's ear Otitis externa
Bacterial infection of an eyelash follicle hordeolum
Loss of vision due to old age Presbyopia
CC With correcton
OD Right eye
OS Left eye
OU Each eye
PEARL Pupils equal and reactive to light
AD Right ear
AS Left ear
AU Each ear
dB Decibel
Aural Pertaining to the ear
Cochlear Pertaining to the snail-shaped structure within the middle ear
Otomycosis Fungal infection of the external auditory meatus of the ear
Myringoplasty Surgical repair of the eardrum within the tissue graft
Purulent Containing pus
Esotropia Obvious inward turning of one eye in relation to the other eye
Extraocular Pertaining to the outside of the eye
Watery aque/o
Hearing audit/o
Eyelid blephar/o
Cornea corne/o
Pupil cor/o
Conjunctiva conjunctiv/o
Within es/o
Outward ex/o
Harder or horny karat/o
Smaller mi/o
Nose nas/o
Night nyct/o
Created by: hpearson on 2012-03-27

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