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El Secuestro

Chapter 6

entrenando training
sin...vea without anyone seeing him
pega sticks
satisfecho satisfied
chicle gum
que lo prusbe who may prove it
no me haga enojar don't make me get angry
era was
rabia fury
le probará will prove to you
se habia montado he had ridden
balbucea stammers
pruebe prove
apuesto I bet
será penoso it will be embarrassing
ganer to bet
extranjeros foreigners
topa con bumps
engancharse gets caughts
eje axle
va jelando goes pulling
que tan lejos how far away
vueltas laps
no ha hacho has not done
frenos brakes
se agarra grabs/grasps
fuera de cut of
cobrar to collect
pandrian they would put
carteles posters
Created by: mrouisse