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ch9 vocab

a substance that is prepared from killed or weakend disease-causing agents, including certain bacteria. vaccine
able to cause disease virulent
is a change in genotype caused when cells take up foreign genetic material transformation
a bvirsus that that infects bacteria bacteriophage
Bacteriophagetwo strands twidted around each other double helix
are subunits that make up DNA nucleotides
the five carbon sugar in DNA nucleotidws deoxyribose
the rules stating that cytosine pairs with guanine and adenine pairs with thymine in DNA adenine pairs with uracil in RNA base-pairing rules
strictness of base -pairing results in two strands complementary base pair
the process of making a copy of dna dna replication
open the double helix by breaking the hydrogen bonds dna helicases
the areas where the double helix seperates replication forks
move along each of the dna strands dna polymerases
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