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Joey Science


Matter is anything that has mass and takes up space
You are making a soulution when you mix kool-aid, sugar, and water
Which of these units is NOT used to measure length? meter, millimeter, cubic meter, kilometer cubic meter
The prefix kilo-means one thousand
What is the volume of a box that measures 2 meters x 3 emters x 1 meter 6 cubic meters
To find the volume of an irregular object, such as a small rock, you should use a graduated cylinder
How many milligrams equal one gram? 1,000
If two lizuids of different densities are placed in a container, the liquid with the greater denisty (it is more dense) will sink to the bottom
When liquid is cooled to its freezing point, the tiny particles of matter that make up the liquid come closer together
A chemical change always results in a different kind of matter
The amount of material that an object has in it is its mass
The three states of matter are solid, liquid, and gas
If you mix salt into water until you cannot see the salt anymore, you have made a solution
One hundred centimeters equal one meter
Which unit of measurement should you use to measure your hand? centimeter
What is the volume of a box that measures 2 meters x 2 meters x 2 meters? 8 cubic meters
You have a graduated cylinder with 100mL of water in it. After you place a small rock in the cylinder, the volume of water is 175mL. The volume of the rock is 75mL
The amount of mass contained in a given volume is density
The temperature at which a substance changes from a solid to a liquid is its melting point
All of the followig are examples of chemical changes EXCEPT igniting a rocket engine letting metal tools rust cooking a batch of pancakes painting a wooden chair painting a wooden chair
A kind of matter that has no devinite volume or shape is a gas
The unit used for measureing the folume of liquids is a liter
The temperature at which a material changes from a liquid to a gas it its boiling point
Is melting ice a chemical change or a physical change? Physical
Chemical chemical
Physical Physical
Chemical Physical
Is photosynthesis a chemical change or a physical change? Is meltburning propane a chemical change or a physical change?
Is boiling water a chemical change or a physical change? Is dissolving salt in water a chemical change or a physical change?
Is cooking pancakes a chemical change or a physical change? Is tearing a piece of paper a chemical change or a physical change?
When oil mixes with water, the oil will float on top. Why it is less dense than the water
Explain the difference between a physical change and a chemical change. Physical changes do not produce a different kind of amtter, chemical changes do
Which would you estimate has more mass, a box of crayons or a box of tissues? How would you check your estimate? A box of tissues would have more mass. I would use a scale.
Created by: rrmarkiewicz