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SS/ Reconstruction

Chapter 8

The period following the Civil War Reconstruction
The government agency that helped freed slaves Freedmen's Bureau
System in which freed men and poor white farmers rented land and paid back owners with a share of the crop sharecropping
After the Civil war, Virginia's economy was... in ruins
After the Civil War, Confederate Money had.... No Value
Type of business that was closed after the Civil War Banks
The Civil War caused enormous destruction to the south's crops.... Railroads, bridges, and plantations
The separation of people based on race or religion Segregation
The unfair treatment of people perceived as being different Discrimination
The group that gained power in Virginia government during Reconstruction African Americans
The group that had the right to vote during Reconstruction All Men
Laws passed by southern states that established segregation and reinforced prejudice "Jim Crow" Laws
How cities grew after the Civil War and Reconstruction With people, businesses, and factories
The key reason for the expansion of businesses, agriculture, industry, and the growth of small towns in Virginia railroads
A city that became a new railroad center due to the growth of clothing and furniture factories Roanoke
What was discovered in Tazewell County in southwest Virginia after the Civil War Coal Deposits
The industry that became the livelihood for residents of southwest Virginia Coal Mining
What Virgnia needed to build after the Civil War in order to move raw materials to manufacturing centers More roads
Created by: Mrs. Miller on 2012-03-05

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