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NT abd mass a/w elevated VMA and HVA neuroblastoma
mc type of TEF; diagnosis? esophageal atresia w/ distal TEF; unable to pass NG tube
newborn female haas continuous "machinery murmur" PDA
defect in an x-linked syndrome w/ MR, gout, self-mutilation, and choreoarthetosis Lesch-Nyhan syndrome (purine salvage problem w/ hgprtase deficiency)
homeless child is small for his age and has peeling skin and a swollen belly kwashiorkor (protein malnutrition)
mc pathogen causing croup parainfluenza virus type 1
first-line tx for otitis media amoxicillin X 10days
congenital heart disease that cause 2 HTN coartation of the aorta
condition a/w red currant jelly stools intussusception
cause of neonatal rds surfactant deficiency
infection of sm airways w/ epidermics in winter and spring rsv bronchiolitis
tanner stage 3 in a 6yo female precious puberty
vaccinations at a six month well child visit hbv, dtap, hib, ipv, pcv
a child has a loss of red light reflex. dx? suspect retinoblastoma
sudden onset of mental status changes, emesis, and liver dysfxn after taking aspirin reye's syndrome
tx for mild and severe unconj hyperbilirubinemia phototherapy or exchange transfusion
acute-phase tx kawasaki dz high-dose aspirin for inflammation and fever; ivig to prevent coronary artery aneurysms
not CI to vaccination mild illness and/or low-grade fever, current abx, prematurity
tests to r/o shaken baby syndrome ophtho exam, CT, MRI
neonate has meconium ileus CF or Hirschsprung's dz
bilious emesis w/in hrs after the first feeding duodenal atresia
2 month old presents w/ nonbilious projectile emesis. what are the appropriate steps in mgmt correct metabolic abn. then correct pyloric stenosis w/ pyloromyotomy
mc primary immunodeficieny selective IgA deficiency
an infant has a high fever and onset of rash as fever breaks. what is he at risk for? febrile seizures (roseola infantum)
boy has chronic respiratory infections. nitroblue tetrazolium test is positive chronic granulomatous dz
child has eczema, thrombocytopenia, and high levels of IgA wiskott-aldrich syndrome
four month old boy has life threatening pseudomonas infection bruton's x-linked agammaglobulinemia
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