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Chap. 8-Wahlig

Where is Kitty Hawk? North Carolina
Who explored the land of the west of the Mississippi?? Meriwether Lewis & William Clark
They encouraged people to build communities in the____________ West
James Watt and Richard Trevithick developed the___________________ steam engine
In ________ there were over 250,000 more miles of railroad track than in______________ 1917 1830
This made traveling _________ much easier West
________________allows people to keep in touch communication
In 1860 a group of business people set up the Pony Express
The Pony Express helped speed up______________ mail delivery
Riders had to ride their horses_________ miles a day 75
The Pony Express cut mail delivery time in half
________________invented a special tube for TV A.A. Campbell Swinton
The TV was built in 1908
Menlo Park is in____________ New Jersey
______________affects communities technology
A famous African American inventor Lewis Latimer
Lewis Latimer made special drawings of a telephone for________________ Alexander Graham Bell
He also worked with ___________ on light bulbs and lamps. Thomas Edison
The person who helped many cities light their communities Thomas Edison
In 1888 _______________ invented a camera that anyone could use George Eastman
Who created the reaper? Cyrus Hall McCormick
A reaper is a machine that cuts grain
It could be tied behind a horse and made work easier for farmers
In 1796 Edward Jenner of England found a way to protect people from smallpox
________________made milk safe for people to drink Louis Pasteur
In 1952____________________developed a polio vaccine that saved the lives of many people Jonas Salk
In the 1940's _____________helped treat people who had leukemia and malaria Gertrude Elion
She figured out how to make__________that attacked diseased__________ medicine cells
Gertrude Elion won a________________for her work in medicine. Nobel Prize