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Ecce Romani 38 SALT

Ecce Romani Chapter 38 vocabulary SALT

coepit (he) began
mēnsis, mēnsis, m. month
Aenēis, Aenēidis, f. The Aeneid (epic poem by Vergil)
Aenēās, Aēnēae, m. Aeneas, the son of Venus and Anchises and founder of Rome
discipulus, -ī, m. pupil
ruīna, -ae, f. collapse, ruin
nāvigō, -āre, -āvī, atus to sail
terra, -ae, f. land, earth, ground
Hesperia, -ae, f. Hesperia (land of the West, Italy)
mare, maris (abl. sing. marī, gen. pl. marium), n. sea
tempestās, tempestātis, f. storm
nāvis, nāvis (gen. pl. nāvium), f. ship
rēgina, -ae, f. queen
Dīdō, Dīdōnis, f. Dido, Queen of Carthage
incendō, incendere, incendī, incēnsus to burn, set on fire
patior, patī, passus sum to suffer, endure
obsideō, obsidēre, obsēdī, obsessus to besiege
dēleō, dēlēre, dēlēvī, dēlētus to destroy
aliquī, -ae, -a some
Ulixēs, Ulixis, m. Ulysses, Odysseus (Greek hero of the Trojan War)
ūnus, -a, -um one
duo, -ae, -o two
trēs, trēs, tria three
quattour four
quīnque five
sex six
septem seven
octō eight
novem nine
decem ten
ūndecim eleven
duodecim twelve
tredecim thirteen
quattourdecim fourteen
quīndecim fifteen
sēdecim sixteen
septendecim seventeen
duodēvīgintī eighteen (two from twenty)
ūndēvīgintī nineteen
vīgintī twenty
quīnquāgintā fifty
centum a hundred
quīngentī five hundred
mille a thousand
prīmus, -a, -um first
secundus, -a, -um second
tertius, -a, -um third
quārtus, -a, -um fourth
quīntus, -a, -um fifth
sextus, -a, -um sixth
septimus, -a, -um seventh
octāvus, -a, -um eighth
nōnus, -a, -um ninth
decimus, -a, -um tenth
ūndecimus, -a, -um eleventh
duodecimus, -a, -um twelfth
tertius decimus, -a, -um thirteenth
quārtus decimus, -a, -um fourteenth
quīntus decimus, -a, -um fifteenth
sextus decimus, -a, -um sixteenth
septimus decimus, -a, -um seventeenth
duodēvīcēsimus, -a, -um eighteenth
ūndēvīcēsimus, -a, -um nineteenth
vīcēsimus, -a, -um twentieth
quīnquāgēsimus, -a, -um fiftieth
centēsimus, -a, -um hundredth
quīngentēsimus, -a, -um five hundredth
mīllēsimus, -a, -um thousandth
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