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Literature Chapter 4

Humanaties Chapter 4

Poetry that has rhythem but not rhyme blank verse
a literary work that continues to be read for years, even centuries, after its initial appearance because it remains relevant classic
as a literary term, an elaborate description of something in terms of something else;example given was Donne's sonnet "Batter my Heart," in which mystical exaltation is expressed in sexually charged language. conceit
two lines of peotry that rhyme consecuktively;used by Shakespeare to conclude a sonnet couplet
a genre of literature;a long narrative poem recounting the actions of a hero who exemplifies strength, courage, and cunning, but not necessarily moral virtue epic
a sudden insight into life or human nature that often serves as the climax in a work of fiction, particullarly a short story. The author james Joyce adapted this term from its oritinal religious context. epiphany
Created by: rrmarkiewicz