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forces that shape la

Chap. 7-Vogel

Is a plateau a landform? Yes
What is a landform? a natural shape on the Earth's surface
Weathering is an example of a slow or fast change to a landform? slow
A flat area higher than the land around it is a _______________ plateau
Hills of sand caused by wind Dunes
A flat-topped hill with steep sides butte
an opening in the Earth's surface from which lava flows volcano
loose pebbles are found where the beach
beaches are found in coastal plains
a valley with very steep sides canyon
a huge block of ice glacier
a place on the Earth's surface much higher than the land around it mountain
Eight examples of landforms plateau, butte, mountain, glacier, volcano, canyon, beach, dunes
the breaking down of rocks into smaller pieces weathering
weathering is caused by what 4 things ice, water, wind, plant roots
4 things that cause slow changes to landforms weathering, erosion, glacier, creep
4 things that cause quick changes to landforms earthquake, volcano, flood, landslide
the movement of weathered rock and soil erosion
erosion is caused by water and wind
new land building up can change the course of rivers
a huge sheet or block of moving ice glacier
a very slow movement of rocks and soil that causes things like fences, walls, tombstones to lean creep
the shaking of the Earth's surface caused by the movement in the Earth's crust earthquake
a large amount of water that covers normally dry land flood
large amounts of rocks or soil that slide down hills or mountains landslide