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Wheelock Chapter 4

Wheelock's Latin Vocabulary Chapter 4

bāsium, -iī n., (2) a kiss
bellum, -ī n., (2), war
cōnsilium, -iī n., (2), plan, purpose, counsel, advice, judgement, wisdom
cūra, -ae f., (1), care, attention, caution, anxiety
dōnum, -ī n., (2), gift, present
exitium, -iī n., (2) destruction, ruin
magister, magistrī m., (2), teacher, schoolmaster
magistra, -ae f., (1), teacher, schoolmistress
mora, -ae f., delay
nihil n., indeclineable, nothing
oculus, -ī m., eye
officium, -iī duty, service
otium, -iī n., leisure, peace
perīculum, -ī n., danger, risk
remedium, -iī n., cure, remedy
bellus, -a, -um adj., pretty, handsome, charming
bonus, -a, -um adj., good, kind
hūmānus, -a, -um adj., human, pertaining to man
malus, -a, -um adj., bad, evil, wicked
parvus, -a, -um adj., small, little
stultus, -a, -um adj., foolish
stultus, -ī m., a fool
vērus, -a, -um adj., true, real, proper
iuvō, iuvāre, iūvī, iūtum (1) to help, aid, assist, please
adiuvō, adiuvāre, adiūvī, adiūtum to help, aid assist, please
sum, esse, fuī, futūrum to be, exist
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