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7th Grade Lit exam

7th Grade Lit exam, definitions from Mrs. Benner's outline

writing that is organized in sentences and paragraphs prose
prose writing about characters from the author's imagination fiction
expression that has meaning particular to a language or region Idiom
time and place where the story takes place setting
sequence of events in a story plot
repitition of consonant sounds at the beginning of words alliteration
every feature of a writer's use of language, such as rhythm, word choice, and methods of organization author's style
story of a person's life written by that person Autobiography
story of a person's life written by another person Biography
qualities that can affect a character's thoughts, decisions, and actions Character Traits
high point of the story, usually where the eventual outcome of the conflict is revealed Climax
making sensible decisions or forming reasonable opinions based on text details concluding (drawing conclusions)
struggle between two opposing forces in the story Conflict
brief work of nonfiction based on facts Essay
setting, characters, conflict, background information Exposition
fiction that teaches a moral Fable
events that follow the climax Falling Action
shape and appearance of poem in lines and stanzas Form
words or phrases not meant in the dictionary sense Figurative Language
story that reflects the culture from which it came Folk Tale
a hint given to the reader of what is to come Foreshadowing
message about life that the story conveys to the reader Theme
uses real people or events to tell invented story Historical Fiction
coming to a conclusion based on combining text clues with prior knowledge Inferencing (making inferences)
a story that may or may not be based on facts but includes extraordinary human deeds Legend
expresses the thoughts and feelings of the author (ex. sonet, ode, elegies) Lyric
identifying the most important idea about a topic Main Idea (indentifying the main idea)
compares 2 things saying one is the other Metaphor
overall feeling that the work evokes in the reader Mood
fiction that explains the actions of gods and goddesses or natural phenomena Myth
musically uses plot, setting, characters, and theme to tell a story Narrative
works of prose based on real people or events Nonfiction
long work of fiction Novel
work of fiction shorter than a novel but longer than a short story Novella
the use of words to imitate sounds Onomatopoeia
handing down any kind of literature by the word of mouth Oral Tradition
restating a sentence or idea in your own words Paraphrasing
giving human qualities to inanimate objects Personification
a SHORT statement of the main ideas of a text Summarizing
literature written in verse form and organized in lines and stanzas often using imagery and figurative language Poetry
perspective from which the story is told Point of View
using text, graphics, and prior knowledge to tell what may happen Predicting
compares 2 things using "like" or "as" Simile
final outcome, during which any remaining conflicts are resolved or left open Resolution
repitition of sounds at the ends of words Rhyme
pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables Rhythm
events that increase the tension Rising Action
brief work of fiction short story
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