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Ecce Romani 36 SALT

Ecce Romani Chapter 36 vocabulary SALT

S.D. (salūtem dīcit) sends greetings
S.P.D. (salūtem plūrimam dīcit) sends fondest greetings
Nōnīs Novembribus on November 5th
Kalendīs Novembribus on November 1st
-que (conj.) and
hūc (adv.) here, to here
Brudisiī at Brundisium
prīdiē (adv. + acc.) on the day before ____
vīginti twenty
adulēscēns, adulēscēntis, m. young man
morātus est he has stayed
regressus est he has returned
Īdibus Novembribus on November 13th
proficīscētur he will set out
libenter (adv.) gladly
rūrsus (adv.) again
sānē (adv.) certainly, of course
secūtī sunt (they) followed
cōnātus est (he) tried
quō celerius … eō celerius … the faster … the faster …
trīstis, -s, -e sad
sīs = sī vīs if you wish, please
persuādeō, persuādēre, persuāsī, persuāsus to make something (acc.) agreeable to someone (dat.), to persuade someone of something
Iānuārius, -a, -um January
Febuārius, -a, -um February
Mārtius, -a, -um March
Aprīlis, -is, -e April
Maius, -a, -um May
Iūnius, -a, -um June
Iūlius, -a, -um July
Augustus, -a, -um Augustus
September, Septembris, Septembre September
Octōber, Octōbris, Octōbre October
November, Novembris, Novembre November
December, Decembris, Decembre December
Consul, cōnsulis, m. consul
A.U.C. = ab urbe conditā from the founding of the city (year dating system)
Condo, condere, condidī, conditus to found
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