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ben frank biztown 3

"Ben's" Biztown 3

Interests Things a person likes to do.
Skills Developed abilities a person does well.
Employer A person or business that hires one or more people, usually for a salary.
Employee A person who works for an employer.
Soft Skills Skill that represents the way employees act on the job, such as being on time, treating customers with kindness, working as a team, and dressing appropriately.
Teamwork The cooperative efforts by members of a group to achieve the same overall goal.
Negotiation When two or more people, who may disagree at first, work together to solve a problem.
Conflict Resolutions The process of solving a dispute or disagreement.
Innovative Solutions Creative ideas for solving problems.
Entrepreneur Someone who recognizes opportunities and organizes resources to take advantage of them.
Job Application A form that is completed by people applying for a job
Resume A summary of a person's work and school experiences to help employers hire the best person for the job.
Ethics The standards that help determine what is good, right and proper.
Job Interview A discussion ( usually face-to-face) to determine whether an applicant is suitable for a job.
Applicant A person who requests or seeks something such as a job
Pay Stub The part of a paycheck that is kept by the employee as a record of pay and payroll deductions.
Gross Pay The amount an employee has earned before any taxes or other deductions are subtracted.
Payroll Tax A tax on an employee's pay.
Net Pay Gross pay minus any taxes and other payroll deductions.
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