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Earth Science A

Atmospheric Variables and Global Wind Belts

Air Temp Increases then Air Pressure decreases
Why does the Atmosphere expand when temp rises? Molocules bounce off eachother and move farther apart
Adiabatic Changes temperature changes that occur with out the addition or removal of heat energy
As a parcel increases in Altitude the pressure _______ decreases
Air pressure increases then air temp increases
Air Temp decreases then Air Pressure increases
Whish is heavier H2O or nitrogen? nitrogen
which is heavier H20 or oxygen? oxygen
As Humidity increases air pressure _____ Decreases
Air Pressure decreases then air temp decreases
Wind Blows from high pressure to low pressure
During the day land surfaces _____ in temp increase
during the day air over land is Warmer
Sea Breeze wind going from sea to land
Land Breeze Wind going from land to sea
Sea Breeze occurs during the day
Land Breeze occurs At night (land is cooler)
Convection cells in northern and southern hemisphere are caused by ____ uneuqal heating of the earths surface
Low pressure belts are caused by___and located _____ caused by rising air located by equator and the artic and antarctic circles
sinking air produces ___pressure belts located ____ high pressure/ poles and tropics of Cancer and Capircorn
The _____ pattern of high low pressure belts gives rise to a series of ________ belts alternating/ global wind
what is the name of the global wind belt located b/w 0 and 30 degrees north Northeast trade winds
What type of pressure is felt at 60 degrees S latitude Low pressure
Created by: HenchK22 on 2007-05-24

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