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Dat organic

carboxylic acid

gen formula for carboxylic acid R-C=O \OH
naming carboxylic acid C1 is the carbonyl and suffix oic acid
name cyclic carboxylic acid cycloalkane carboxylic acid
name dicarboxylic acid "dioic acid"
carboxylic acids have ___ bp than alcohols higher
elctron withdrawing grps like Cl and NO2 adjacent to carbonyl will________ increase acidity
dicarboxylic acids are ____ than monocarboxylic acids more acidic
dicarboxyllic acids _____ have the highest acidity alpha hydrogens the 2H attach to C between the carbonyl
_____ are the most oxidized carboxylic acids
alcohol + kMnO4 double bond O added to form carboxylic acid R-C=O \OH
CO2 + grignard reagent (tertiary RMgX alkylhalide) carboxylic acid replace MgX with COOH
nitriles (C triple N)will displace _______ in SN2 prim and sec halides
under acidic rxn nitriles + tert alkyl halide replace N with OH and form C=O
in miscelles polar heads face _____ and non polar tails face ______ outwards; inward
carboxylic acid + LAH loses OH and adds H to the =O forming OH - alcohol
carboxylic acid + alcohol remove H from OH to connect the R from alcohol form ester
carboxylic acid + acyl halide (SOCl2) replace OH with Cl - acid chloride
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