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Wheelock's Latin Ch2

Chapter 2 Vocabulary

fama, famae f: rumor, report; fame, reputation
forma, formae f: form, shape beauty
fortuna, fortunae f: fortune, luck
ira, irae f: ire, anger
nauta, nautae m: sailor
patria, patria f: fatherland, native land, (one's) country
pecunia, pecuniae f: money
philosophia, philosophiae f: philosophy
poena, poenae f: penalty, punishment
poenas dare idiom: to pay the penalty
poeta, poetae m: poet
porta, portae f: gate, entrance
puella, puellae f: girl
rosa, rosae f: rose
sententia, sententiae f: feeling, thought, opinion, vote, sentence
vita, vitae f: life; mode of life
antiqua, antiquae adj: ancient, old-time
magna, magnae adj: large, great; important
mea, meae adj: my
multa, multae adj: much, many
tua, tuae adj: your (2nd person sing)
et conj: and; even:
et...et both...and
sed conj: but
O interjection: O!, Oh!
sine prep: without
est is
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