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Hematology General 2


Hx HTN, nephrotic syndrome, CRF or Renal insufficiency; do CBC: Anemia
PICA, Pregnant & fatigue, Menstruation; cheilosis: Fe Deficiency Anemia
Anemia after colectomy, partial gastrectomy; glossitis, decreased vibratory sensation = B12 or Pernicious anemia
G6PD + Quinidine, Nitrofurantoin, Sulfa, fava beans => Hemolytic anemia
Fatigue, weakness, low fever, purpura, pallor, gingival bleeding; low retic; no HSM: Aplastic anemia
Post showering pruritis, plethora, dyspnea, HA, visual disturbance, tinnitus; splenomegaly, engorged retinal veins; thromboses, high H&H Polycythemia vera; Tx: Phlebotomy
Spontaneous Hemarthrosis Hemophilia A
Mucosal or gingival bleeding, epistaxis, menorrhagia Von Willebrand dz
Continuous bleeding post-op or trauma; pt given multiple blood transfusions; low platelets, increased PT, INR, + fibrin split products (increased d-dimer): DIC
JAK-2 mutation P. vera (97% of pts); Essential Thrombocytosis (50%)
HIT types I (non immune mediated): 100K plts, no thrombosis (dc hep); II (immune med): 30K plts, thrombosis risk (req dc hep, rx direct thrombin inhibs & warfarin)
Coag pathways Intrinsic 12, 11, 9, 8; extrinsic 7; common 1,2,5, 10
thrombopathy genetics von W auto dom; Glanzmann or B-S auto recessive
Trousseau syndrome subacute DIC in cancer pts
hemophilia A x linked rec; male only; 1 in 10K; low VIIIc (corrects w/mixing study); spont hemarthrosis; Rx replace factor, DDAVP
hemophilia B Xmas dz; x linked rec, males; low IX, long PTT; NO ASPIRIN or DDAVP
hemophilia C factor XI: x linked recessive, Ashkenazi; long PTT; rx FFP
Vit K-dept factors 2, 7, 9, 10
heritable hypercoagulable states Factor V Leiden; pro C & S def; antithrombin III def
Hereditary resistance to action of activated protein C = Factor V Leiden (APC resistance)
Deficiency allows unopposed conversion of fibrinogen to fibrin = Antithrombin III deficiency
giant plts; auto rec; no von W factors Bernard-Soulier dz
IgG antibody to PF4: seen in: HIT (both art & venous thrombosis)
Microangiopathic hemolytic anemia & thrombocytopenia without an identifiable cause = TTP (also often see neuro sxs)
anemia with schistocytes, thrombocytopenia & renal dysfunction in the absence of other causes of coagulopathy = HUS
DIC vs HUS: dx DIC low fibrinogen; HUS normal fibrinogen
Most severe bleeding disorder hemophilia A (low VIIIc)
folate def is ______ anemia; erythropoeisis is due to lack of: megaloblastic anemia; lack of methylation
Autosomal Recessive, pain in extremities after exercise, priapism Sickle cell dz
hypochromic microcytic anemias include: Fe def, thalassemia, sideroblastic, anemia of chronic dz
Thalassemia genetics alpha: 2/2 gene deletion; beta: 2/2 point mutation
Microcytosis out of proportion to the anemia = thalassemia
Thalassemia: alpha globin chains 1 chain = Hgb H dz; all 4 chains deleted: hydrops fetalis (stillbirth); silent carrier = 1 gene deleted (nml MCV)
Cooley anemia AKA: beta thalassemia major
beta thalassemia major S/S sx onset 4-6 mos old; growth probs, abnormal facies, fx's, osteopenia, bone deforms, HSM, jaundice
sideroblastic anemia causes myelodysplasia, chronic EtOH, Pb tox
N/N anemia pathophys hepcidin upregulation in response to inflammatory mediators
N/N anemia etiology organ fail d/t systemic dz (renal, endo, thy, liver), or impaired marrow fn (2/2 chronic infxn, aplastic anemia, PRCA)
macro anemia 2/2 folate def: S/S glossitis, no neuro sx
macrocytic anemia 2/2 B12 def S/S glossitis, pale icterus, GI sxs; neuro sxs (posn, vib sense, stocking-glove paresthesia, ataxia)
B12 def causes No. 1 pernicious anemia; veganism, blind loop syndrome, gastric surg, panc insuff, Crohn dz
SCD complications AVN of femoral head; cholelithiasis, splenomeg, Strep pneumo infxn, stroke, priapism, retinopathies, osteomyelitis
Bleeding d/o clin findings: plt vs coag plt: mucosa & skin; petechiae in low plt (NOT plt dysfn); coag: skin & mx; spont hemarthrosis in severe hemophilia
most common cause of abnormal bleeding: thrombocytopenia
Created by: Adam Barnard Adam Barnard