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Ecce Romani 30 SALT

Ecce Romani Chapter 30 vocabulary SALT

insula, -ae (f.) 1. island 2. apartment building
vīs (acc. vim, abl vī) (f) force, amount
ac (conj) and
incendium, -ī (n.) fire
incola, -ae (m./f.) inhabitant
Omnia…aguntur everything is being done
īnfirmus, -a, -um weak, shaky, frail
fenestra, -ae (f.) window
ōrnāmenta, -ōrum (n., pl) furnishings
tam (adv) so
parvus, -a, -um small
tablutātum, -ī (n.) story, floor
paene (adv) often
opprimuntur (they) are being overwhelmed, overcome
ēiciō, ēicere, ēiēcī, ēiectus to throw out
quaerō, -ere, quaesīvī, quaesītus to seek, look for, ask for
opprimō, -ere, oppressī, oppressus to overwhelm, overcome, crush
opprimēminī y’all will be crushed, overwhelmed
commoveor I am upset
dubium, -ī (n.) doubt
commovēris you are upset
servābimur we will be saved
pariēs, parietis (m.) wall (of a house or room)
commoveō, commovēre, commovī, commōtus to move, upset
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