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port food

sugar o açúcar
to sweeten adoçar
celery o aipo
lettuce a alface
garlic o alho
leek o alho-porro (alhos-porros)
to (have) lunch almoçar
lunch o almoço
bitter amargo
plum a ameixa
blackberry a amora (silvestre)
pineapple o ananás (ananases)
aromatic; fragrant aromático
rice o arroz
to roast assar
sour azedo
bacon o bacon
potato a batata
drink a bebida
beetroot a beterraba
(beef)steak o bife
biscuit o biscoito
cake o bolo
lamb o borrego
broccoli os brócolos
(sauce)pan a caçarola
coffee o café
meat a carne
pork a carne de porco
beef a carne de vaca
onion a cebola
carrot a cenoura
cherry a cereja
cup a chávena
to smell good/nice cheirar bem
chocolate o chocolate
cider a cidra
mushroom o cogumelo
teaspoon a colher de chá
spoon a colher (-es)
food; meal a comida
frozen congelado
bill a conta
glass, tumbler o copo
cauliflower a couve-flor (couves-flores)
to cook cozinhar
cream o creme
raw cru
apricot o damasco
delicious delicioso
sweet doce
menu a ementa
to order encomendar
starter, first course a entrada
pea a ervilha
asparagus os espargos
spinach os espinafres
knife a faca
flour a farinha
bean(s) o feijão (-ões)
to boil, to simmer ferver
(cooked) ham o fiambre
raspberry a framboesa
chicken o frango
fresh; cool fresco
frying pan a frigideira
cold frio
to fry fritar
fruit a fruta
fork o garfo
jam a geleia
fat; grease a gordura
to grill grelhar
blackcurrant a groselha negra
dinner, supper o jantar
to have dinner/supper jantar
tin, can a lata
to wash up, to do the washing-up lavar a louça
vegetables os legumes
milk o leite
lemon o limão (-ões)
lemonade a limonada
apple a maçã
butter a manteiga
shellfish o marisco
honey o mel
watermelon a melancia
melon o melão (-ões)
maize, sweet corn o milho
sauce; dressing o molho
strawberry o morango
mustard a mostarda
walnut; nut a noz
oil o óleo
egg o ovo
bread o pão (pães)
raisin a passa
cucumber o pepino
breakfast o pequeno-almoço (pequenos-almoços)
pear a pêra
peach o pêssego
spicy picante
pepper (spice) a pimenta
pepper (vegetable) o pimento
saucer o pires
rotten podre
to set/lay the table pôr a mesa
pot, jar o pote
plate, dish; course o prato
main course o prato principal
to try, to taste provar
cheese o queijo
hot, warm quente
meal a refeição (-ões)
cabbage o repolho
tasty saboroso
salt o sal
salad a salada
salty salgado
parsley a salsa
sausage a salsicha
sandwich a sandes
dessert a sobremesa
soup a sopa
juice o sumo
cutlery os talheres
seasoning o tempero
bowl a tigela
to clear the table tirar a mesa
tomato o tomate
wheat o trigo
vinegar o vinagre
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