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Curriculum and Inst

Curriculum and Instruction, Marzano, Skillful Teacher

Research has found that the most important factor affecting student learning is the teacher
What are the 3 major roles of a teacher? Instructional strategies, Management techniques, Curriculum Design
What are the 4 components of effective Classroom Managment? Rules and procedures, disciplinary interventions, teacher-student relationships, mental set
Which of the 4 components of effective CM has the largest effect size? Mental set
Describe at least 4 things from the “Action Plan” that help a T achieve “withitness”. 1. Periodically scan faces of the students in you class, making eye contact with each one 2. React immediately 3. Make eye contact with those students causing incident 4. Move towards students if eye contact alone isn’t enough
Name at least 4 aspects of a classroom and a lesson that Marzano says need specific rules and procedures General classroom behavior, beginning of the day or period, transitions and interruptions, use of materials and equipment, group work, seat work and teacher led activities.
terms of disciplinary interventions, what two aspects need to be balanced? Punishment and reinforcement
What disciplinary intervention did both parents and students rank as the most effective for both positive & negative interventions? Communication with the home
Name the five categories of disciplinary interventions Teacher reaction, tangible recognition, direct cost, group contingency, home contingency
Describe some of the things Marzano recommends a teacher can do if a student is off-task and chatting socially. Make eye contact with the student and move closer, use a physical signal such as a shake of the head or finger to the lips, if those tactics don’t work provide student with a verbal reminder and state expected behavior
What does Marzano recommend to do when students are following rules and procedures and doing what they are supposed to do? Praise individual good behaviors privately, provide tangible recognition
What are the action steps to establish an appropriate level of dominance in the classroom? Exhibiting assertive behavior Establish clear learning goals
Describe two behaviors that one would see from a teacher utilizing effective assertive behavior. Assertive body language, Appropriate tone
Explain at least 3 things a teacher should do when a student gives an incorrect answer. 1. Emphasize what was right 2. Encouraging collaboration 3. Restating or rephrasing the question 4. Giving hints or cues 5. Providing the answer and asking for elaboration 6. Respecting student’s option to pass when appropriate
What should a teacher do the first few days in order to “get off to a good start” in terms of classroom management? 1. Arrange and decorate room in a manner that supports effective classroom management 2. Emphasize classroom management for the first few days.
What specific things should a teacher do the first day / first class to begin effective classroom management? Prepare student name tags Greet students as they enter room Make a seating chart Don’t allow students to wander or become confused Tell students something about yourself and have them tell something about themselves. Present and discuss classroom rul
List the nine effective instructional strategies. Identifying similar. and diff, Summarizing and notes, Reinforc. effort and provide recog, Homework and practice Nonlinguistic reps,Cooperative learning, Setting objs and providing feedback, Generating and test hyp, Qs, cues and adv. orgs
Framing the learning Objectives, itinerary, big idea /essential question
Presenting information Simple cues Highlighting important info Analogies Graphic organizer
Creating mental engagement Explicitness: Intention of cues, Focus of questions Making cognitive connections
Getting inside students' heads (cognitive empathy) Checking for understanding Unscrambling confusions Making students’ thinking visible
Consolidating & anchoring the learning. Summarizing, explicitly pulling everything together
Saphier's 6 management areas Attention, Momentum, Space, Time, Routines, Discipline
Effective feedback is nonjudgmental, direct, specific, timely, frequent and ongoing
Some purposes of educational assessment are to make summative statements, to certify students, to signal clearly, to make instructional decisions, to predict
Educational assessment that is designed to increase student achievement is crafted to accomplish 3 goals 1. Motivate students to want to do better 2. Give Students useful info to do better 3. Inform teachers reteaching plans
educational records may include: displays, charts, progress reports
educational records should be visible, accessible, clear
Criteria for evaluating educational assessment tasks Does the task interest students? measure effort and learning? measure progress over time?
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